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Pimp My Shark

There are 3 evolution/armor sets in Maneater. Shadow, Bio-Electric, and Bone. You also have the option of devolving back to a regular bull shark or adding the tiger shark body.

In this video I give a thorough showcase of every single one of the evolutions that I just mentioned. All at their max level.


Regular Bull Shark

There is no benefit to choosing not not to evolve your shark, besides getting to look like an authentic oceanic predator. Keeping your shark looking like a normal bull shark is incredibly realistic and looks great in photos. It’s tempting to go for the cosmetic and gameplay upgrades, but you can get away with beating the entire game without choosing to evolve. I personally don’t recommend doing that, but at least you have that option if you’re the old fashioned type.


Tiger Shark Evolution

This evolution was once exclusive to Xbox. It’s now available as a free download on all platforms. If you have the PS5 version like me, it will be included from the start. If you want to make the beginning of the game much easier, then activate this body upgrade right away. It will allow you to earn extra nutrients from fish, predators, and caches. This makes it a lot easier to max out your different evolutions. I recommend going for your sonar upgrade first so that you can easily find everything hidden throughout the different regions.


Bio-Electric Set

Electricity and water do not mix well, unless you are wearing the bio-electric evolution in Maneater. Then you will be chaining stun with damage like crazy. Not only does this set look absolutely bad ass, but it’s also pretty useful for those instances where you are tackling large groups of enemies at once. This was my least used evolution set, but when I did use it my favorite part was the lightening lunge.


Bone Set

In need of damage resistance? Wanting to max out your infamy level and defeat shark hunters quickly? Then this is the evolution set for you. You will be a bit slower that usual, but you will become an efficient battering ram. It will become effortless to swim fiercely into boats and break them down into scraps in no time. This is by far the best evolution set to use after you beat the game and are just spending time eating as many shark hunters as you can to max out that infamy level to 10. Did I mention the fact that you’re covered in bones (which sharks don’t even have).


Shadow Set

Now for the best evolution set of all. If you have a desire to speed through the water and look like a stealthy ninja, then this is what you’ll want to work on upgrading first. I used this evolution set for the vast majority of my gameplay, the poison upgrades help take down enemies quicker than your average shark. I also mixed in the tiger shark body for the first half of the game to help me level up my evolutions and mutations quicker. Just look how cool this shark looks. You will fall in love with the upgraded speed and poison attributes that the shadow set offers.


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