Winning at Computer and Video Games (Summer 1984)

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I'm not really sure of the history of this magazine but Winning at Video and Computer Games was another 1980s video gaming magazine published in the U.K. It covered both console and computer games. The name makes it sound like it emphasizes tips or strategy guides but that does not seem to be the case. I've only found a couple of issues online so I don't get the impression it was very popular or around very long. The Summer (May/June) 1984 issue includes:


  • Software News - Computers on video
  • Hardware News - The Ultimate Trip!

Test File

  • Atari 600XL - All keyed up?
  • CGL M5 - The game brain?

Features & Regulars

  • Readers Letter - Have your say
  • The Perils of Piracy - Go directly to jail
  • The Adventure Game Maze - How do they work?
  • Arcade Blockbusters - Arrival of the laser games


  • The Sharp Edge - In Sharp Focus
  • The Nasty Programmer - Games with a difference


  • Beebkey - A type of game!
  • Star Trek 48 - Drive Scotty potty


  • The Coleco Double - Two top games consoles
  • A Ton Of Tapes - 100 games to be won
  • Missing Lynx - Two 48K Lynxs to be won

...and more!

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