My Played Video Games Review: Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game for the Sega Genesis

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Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game is a side-scrolling adventure beat-'em up arcade game developed by Technōs Japan in 1990. Its the 3rd game in the classic Double Dragon series. A Sega Genesis version port was handled by Software Creations and released in 1992.

During the early 1990s, I thought the game was a direct port from the Nintendo NES Double Dragon 3. But I was wrong.

Japanese Sega Mega Drive cover version of the game. Note the different title. (image source)

The Story

The only man who knows the real story behind hot babe Marion's disappearance...and he's damn dead! Now the Double Dragons must be aided by an old witchy fortune teller to locate Marion and her ransom - the coveted Sacred Stones of Power! You will have to fight off vicious street punks, evil ninjas, gladiators, Manchu barbarians, and more!

Defeat your deadly enemies and out of respect, they'll join your side - adding their weapons to your martial arts moves - like the cool mid-air somersault.

If you survive the action, you will rescue Marion, regain your honor and discover the mystery behind the Sacred Stones. If you fail, you frickin' die!

Sega Genesis box, manual and cartridge of the game. (image source)

The Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Double Dragon 3 is below average for the system. The character sprites look flat and boring. The character animation looks kind of ordinary. The game backgrounds do not look good. Overall, the graphics are not up to the standard of the previous Double Dragon series.

The music is almost the same as its graphics. It sounds mediocre. The sound effects are not too bad. Overall, the sound quality in Double Dragon 3 does not sound good either.

Gameplay sample of Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game on the Sega Genesis

The Gameplay

The controls of the game are quite simple. One button is for the punching. One button is for kicking. Another button for jumping. Executing the moves is quite smooth. Overall, the control feels just all right.

Gameplay is a damn letdown in the game. The action in the game is quite subdued. The lack of good animation mellows the action in the game. Another bad game mechanic is that the game requires you to buy special moves and weapons. This is very bad. Do you really need to purchase that series' staple hurricane kick? I do not think so. Overall, the gameplay is mediocre.

This is a challenging game. And it has got some decent replay value due to the fact that you can mix and match the number of coins and change the starting character you have and it has a 2 player mode.

My Verdict

Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game on the Sega Genesis is quite a disappointing game. The graphics, the music, and the gameplay is a downer. I would say this game is for the casual or classic gamer who are fans of the Double Dragon franchise.

Go play this with a friend for more enjoyment on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive or play it on reliable emulators.

Let's keep on gaming in the free world!


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