My Played Video Games Review: Popeye for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

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Popeye is a fun, arcade platform game developed and released by Nintendo in 1982 based on the famous comic strip character of the same name created by E. C. Segar and licensed from King Features Syndicate. The game was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1986.

Most NES game console owners tend to have this game as it is one of the popular early launch games of the system.

The Story

Popeye the Sailor Man and his big, muscled rival, Brutus, are at it again in this contest for Olive Oyl's attention. As Popeye, you must beat the likes of Brutus and the Sea Witch/Hag while you move fast to collect all of the falling hearts or notes that Olive tosses at you.

Once you have spinach power, Popeye can boost himself with super strength to beat all. But without it, he is puny and weak.

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The Graphics and Sound

The game has big character sprites and seem to fit the screen well. The characters are very recognizable. Sometimes it seems as if Popeye is simply a white block moving and punching. I think the graphics could have been done a little bit better, seeing some of the other NES gmes that came out at the time.

The music is great. It reminded me of watching Popeye on Saturday morning TV during my childhood. However, the sound effects are lacking as the punch noise sounds a bit like bumps and sometimes the music has a smooth way of distorting it. Overall, Nintendo could have worked on the sound a bit little more.

Gameplay sample of Popeye for the NES

The Gameplay

The gameplay is kind of amusing. You must go avoiding Brutus, as you try to catch Olive's falling hearts or notes. You can take on Brutus, but most of the time you are just trying to complete the level while avoiding him.

You can take him out if you feel lucky. At the far end of every screen level, there is a can of spinach. Just eat it, and Popeye will get his big, boosted muscles back. At that point, Bluto will be terrified and try to run away. If you can get to him, you can then punch him and he will be catapulted across the screen and into the water.

Outsmarting Brutus is what you are doing most of the game. While a bit difficult, it is always possible. He is a bit stupid. You can set traps for him. For example, in the first level, there's a bucket hanging at one area. If you can time it just right, you can hit the switch to release it and it will fall on Brutus' head, dizzying him for awhile while you get some hearts/notes, or just escape from him.

The game is a one-button system. All Popeye can do is only punch things. But, this system amazingly works. He can punch Brutus when he has eaten the spinach or punch traps to set them off. Unfortunately, Popeye can only jump if he moves off a ledge.

My Verdict

The game is kind of addictive. It is a pick up and play game at any time.

Overall, Popeye is just an average game. Cartoon fans will find some amusement out of it. Others not into kiddie stuff probably will not like it. But, it is kinda good if you need an entertaining moment.

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