Apex Legends weekly highlight

in #hive-14021713 days ago (edited)

Yo, what's up. It's ya boi, DJ rubs his flaccid dick over getting imposter in Among Us here. Originally since I'm playing again, I was going to be making a weekly highlight video from apex so I wasn't spamming them out every other day or anything. However, this one is super short and I probably won't have another one up for a week or so, because my power brick decided to fucking have a stroke and die. This week has been extremely fucking shitty for me, to be honest. And, that was just the cherry on top of the dogshit pile. But, yeah. Enjoy the clip of me wiping my ass on this squad not only once, but twice since their poor bloodhound got respawned only for me to gently twist his nutsack again.

Until next time doods.



I'm assuming you can, but, can you see the video linked in the post still?

For some fucking reason, absolutely no youtube video links will display for me on Hive. Tried two different browsers and incognito mode and nothing works. Really fucking weird.