Rayman 1 | Good Times #4 (RAYMAN 1 REVIEW)

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Rayman 1

oh yeee, that was a game


I remember how much hard that game was.


Rayman is a two-dimensional platformer produced by Ubisoft studio.
The action takes place in a world whose harmony and cosmic balance is the object of the Great Protoon. Of course, as is always the case, problems arise one day. A certain Mr. Dark decides to take over the item, which has a number of serious consequences. First, the Electoons, beings orbiting the Protoon, disappear in different parts of the world, and second, instability makes various hostile creatures emerge.


If you wanted to end whole game, you need to search all cages with the Electoons.
And trust me



You have i think big map and many places. Every place have 6 cages. But not that easy. You must earn new powers to go to another worlds. So from time to time you must back to previous places to rescue Electoons.

The main character has several lives, which he loses whenever he bumps into an opponent or, for example, into some chasm. The role of collectibles is played by glowing blue balls called Tings - collecting a hundred is rewarded with a new life; we can also use them to pay for access to the bonus stage


Our hero deals with distractions using his fists. At first, it will be just a normal hit, but over time there will also be power-ups to increase strength and speed. In some places, Rayman can be made smaller, which gives him access to normally inaccessible areas. Other skills are platformer daily bread - running, crawling, grabbing the edges to help you climb, etc.


Game was available to PC, PS, GBA and i think that is it.

For My personal opinion this game is fucking difficult :D until today I haven't managed to finish it.

After many worlds you need to fight with the bosses. And it is difficult too.
They are type bosses - learn what they do and survive


I remember how hard was to defeat them and remember - you can not save the game on the stage.
You loose - you starting over... But maybe it was good, because it was challenge you know.

After that was Rayman 2 and Rayman 3, later Origins, Raving Rabbids... and now nothing. I hope so they will do remake of this game or new Rayman. Ubisoft need a Rayman. Come on people - Rayman is a legend. It will be soo good if that game was back!

But now they doing Assassins Creeds and others because money and money. Ehhh... but i hope Rayman will come back with big surprise :)

Did you played Rayman 1? If yes. Write in the comment what do you feel about it :)

See ya to the next GOOD TIMES :)

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