Hello my friend how are you?

Watch as a member of the #Musicforlife community It is important for me to tell you that this Tribe is only for music related topics

And the Hashkings juice has nothing to do with the tribe issue

Although it is a game developed by the Creator of Academia Libertad, it is totally different from this one.

I hope you understand my point,

It is also important that for your next post you have this in mind, and that you try to place a little more content, not just images.

A big greeting and I would like to see a new post but in relation to music

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Hello. I used the tag you mention because Jux was also in the panel demonstrating the #risingstar game. If you don't think that this game relates to Music4Life, OK. I think differently.

My aim was to invite people to join the zoom which was going on live at the time of publishing. I don't need to write a novel for this, do I?

Thank you for your attention anyway.

Of course I understand, but if I comment it is because I consulted it before making this comment in your publication, the fact that the game is created by the Creator of this community has nothing to do with MusicForlife, everything with its theme,

And regarding the use of the Risingstar tag I am not saying anything, since in the comment I did not say at any time that you will not use it, or did I?

And of course what you say is true, it is not necessary to make a complete book to publish a post hahaha but the idea of ​​this is to try to keep the community theme intact

I hope you understand my point

For example you have a gaming community, in which what you publish is supposed to be games, and I publish in your community a topic of How to repair a computer,

That goes off the topic of the community,

This comment is with the intention of informing about the use of the Musicforlife tag, I hope you do not bother about this as I do not do it with bad intentions,

But of course I also get your point, regards

Good morning and thank you for your thorough explanation.

As I see it you have a very diligent team to check the posts which is a good approach in a way.

Yes, from my point of view this is too strict. So I decided not to use music4life tag and site any longer.

It won't be a big loss for you anyway :)

Have a great day.

Well, it was a pleasure to have you in our community, greetings.




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