Terminator Salvation: Forced bad but with a lot of potential.

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Hello everyone...

When we think of the Terminator franchise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his iconic phrase i'll be back automatically come to mind, and this phrase from the Terminator in his first movie has become so famous that has transcended through the years and also creates nostalgia for those who grew up in the 80's.

But the Terminator saga has evolved so much that at the moment we do not know where it is going or what is the meaning of it. But I don't want to talk about the movies, since for that I would publish this in the film and TV community, in this publication I wanted to talk about a forgotten game of the Terminator saga, which was forced to air when the Terminator came out in the cinema in 2009 Salvation, in fact the game bears the same name and what it was looking for was to offer the player a little more than what was not shown on the screen.


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But, since it is a game without a clear story, forced mechanics, terrible gameplay and above all such a clumsy character that has absolutely nothing to do with the John Connor from the movie, but it is still fun to kill machines while advancing on your way for destroying skynet and saving the earth from further extinction.

The plot

The story of the video game is set in 2016 in Los Angeles when a small group of soldiers trying to survive against waves and waves of killing machines, unlike the movie, the video game aim to destroy or shut down skynet, but they have to go through a lot of challenges like hordes of skynet patrols, hunter killers and the famous and almost indestructible T-600, although in this story they also include the T-850 a more organic evolution of robots like the movie, but it is not the center of the story.


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Taken from game

Playing Terminator Salvation let's say it's too difficult for a mortal like me, for example, aiming at your targets becomes a real headache, since the crosshairs move a lot and the enemies do too, plus the accuracy of the weapons is very mediocre. And no matter if we lower the mouse sensitivity to as low as 10%, it is still extremely difficult to play.

Also, the enemies are almost indestructible, you have to come up with an extremely incredible plan to destroy them, for example, the spiders and the T-600 can only be destroyed if you continuously shoot them in a few small points from the back, but these enemies constantly they are shooting straight ahead and their shots are deadly and since it has the same regeneration system as Call Of Duty, if you get shot continuously you have to restart the whole level.


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Also, the charging processes take between 5 and 10 minutes, I don't understand why this happens, but it is very stressful waiting for it to charge. Finally, regarding the gameplay, if you play the first 3 levels you feel like you play them all, since there is no interesting variation, it is always the same to hide and destroy the enemies.

Something that I can highlight about this game is the visual effects and sound effects, they are fluid and make you completely immerse yourself in the game. For example, when a T-600 appears, everyone gets desperate and runs away as the first option, since this kind of machine is difficult to kill.

In addition, when a destructive machine appears that with its shots destroys entire blocks of territory, all the players flee to the sewers, and at that moment tragic music plays in the background that leaves you without hope.


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In addition, the visual effects of the machines are very well done, the one that stands out the most is the killer hunter that is very identical to what is shown in the movies, if I am a little disappointed in the visual effect of the characters since it is too poor , but what can you ask of a game that was hastily released to coincide with a movie.

In my final opinion, Terminator Salvation is a game that could have been better developed, with a more fluid plot, better developed characters, a little more duration (since you complete it in less than 4 hours) and a much broader objective than just destroying machines, they could have included time travel and character changes in the past and present.


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In short, it could have been a real gem, but it was poorly developed and unfortunately buried in oblivion, although more games have come out of the Terminator saga that have greatly improved what is missing here. I would support a remaster as they do have a lot of potential.

And have you played this game? Or did you at least see the movie? haha let me know what you think of this game. Thank you very much for reading, see you until next time.


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