Why "straight white men" feel attacked by LGBT and color inclusion in AAA gaming

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The presence of LGBT characters has not gone unnoticed

Feeling a connection to the character is very important for most gamers. While I agree there is no problem with having more culture variety in gaming as long as the worldbuilding justifies it, there is no logic in arguing there is no reason to dislike how the character we are playing is black, gay or a woman just because it doesn't affect gameplay.

That argument is incredibly flawed. LGBTs don't want us to care when we have to play as an LGBT character, but they're only saying this because they care about playing one. If feeling a connection to the character was something to ignore completely, it wouldn't have been brought up in the first place.

This whole forced culture variety within a gaming world is really annoying for gamers of AAA titles. developers have to go out of their way to be inclusive. More time spent accommodating these new "standards" means less time spent on everything else. Companies still do run on a time and money budget, after all. We rant because we can feel how development is affected.

Unfortunately, a bigger market for "minorities" also means a smaller market for majorities. Just like LGBTs have the right to wish for more games tending to your needs, us "white cis males" have the right to wish for not losing our comfort zone. If more LGBT games did not mean less of the type of games some of us are used to, we'd have no problem with it.

Also... Nowadays, LGBTs calling themselves a "minority" is intentionally playing the victim card. LGBT is pretty much not a minority anymore. If it were, mainstream gaming wouldn't target them as an audience. Mainstream is about profit. That means they are a large enough demographic to make the AAA industry pay attention to their needs to cash in on them.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of prejudice and disadvantages for being LGBT anywhere in the world. But in the context of AAA industries, currently LGBTS are the ones with privileges. I'm not complaining about that, I just don't want some of my favorite gaming franchises to change a lot. Which they already have. I am angry at losing some of my gaming space. Not at a group of people or whoever.

This article sprouted out of a conversation with someone who was aligned with said "argument", but

It does make me angry when, in the middle of a civil conversation about gaming, an LGBT person intentionally points out I'm a "cis white male". It's the same as if I suddenly pointed out they are a "faggot." Oh, but I really am a cis white male, you may say! Okay, just like he really is a faggot, then. Demeaning ill intentions.

Of course, I didn't tell him any of that. I stand against all prejudice. I've never harassed anyone for that kind of thing, but it's not the first time I'm harassed for being white and straight. Do not call out people's sexual orientation, regardless of your own. This brews hate.

image source: Overwatch's Soldier: 76 sexual orientation reveal


i'm not white and i feel attacked. in fact most of the time i'm far more excluded than most black/white LGBT people. SJWs don't like talking about asian exclusion because a lot of them are conservative and choose to work hard and make money instead of whining about it 😏

Are you only talking about things in general, or do you feel a lack of inclusion in gaming? I've personally always felt strong asian presence in entertainment media.

esports is dominated by koreans so that's one exception. generally in gaming/gamedev it's a different story, but i hate selective inclusion as much as any other form of discrimination. so yea it's both things in general and gaming.

I agree with that, but they do it for the profits, so... Meh.

private companies that owned slaves were for profits

My point exactly. These companies are all shit.

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Right. Game companies that go WOKE, do get broke.

Not sure if you're being ironic, but The Last of Us 2 proves otherwise.

Sadly, It is only the beginning...