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RE: Hive Gaming Community Contest - Worst games or gaming experiences | by @txmek

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I had too much fun reading your post, my face was 😲 hahahaha You have invested a lot of money in games and to top it all off, a lot of fraud behind everything, I really regret that you have been so disappointed and fed up with those horrible experiences. I will take your advice not to spend it on games, save it for something else hahaha. It will be my mantra from now on, although as I said in other comments, I don't usually spend money on games, only on tft, and it was just once.🤭 Thanks a lot for taking your valuable time to share your memories. Very good post. A hug.

Me entretuve demasiado leyendo tu post, mi cara era 😲 jajajajaja. Has invertido mucho dinero en juegos y para colmo mucho fraude detrás de todo, de verdad lamento que te hayas decepcionado y hartado tanto de esas horribles experiencias. Tomaré tu consejo no gastar en juegos, guardarlo para otra cosa jajajaja. Será mi mantra apartir de ahora, aunque como lo he dicho en otros comentarios, no suelo gastar dinero en juegos, solo en tft, y fue una sola vez.🤭 Mil gracias por tomarte de tu valioso tiempo para compartir tus recuerdos. Muy buen post. Un abrazo.


Thanks for stopping by on my post. I'm glad u like my post. Thanks for the hug 🤗 haha i wrote that I don't remember about more sad experiences with games - you just reminded me about one, actually its TFT I bought a skins but I fucked up winratio and then I changed the acc. I was changing my accounts more often than my pants lmao