Oh you definitely should! 😃

I have played a little bit since the Wastelander update. I really like what I have seen so far from it. I have been playing since shortly after Fallout 2 came out. This is probably my 3rd favorite of the series. Maybe 2nd now that they've updated it, but I'm not sure yet. Fallout 2, New Vegas, then 76.

I still need to give 76 a try -- going to sign up for the first $1 month of the Xbox PC game pass thing in a month or so and finally give it a go. Pretty sure it's on there anyway! 😀

I had only ever played Fallout 3 and New Vegas before this was released, and now 4 is definitely my favourite, of the ones I've tried anyway. Hoping 76 is better than I've been led to believe!