I watched the saints row vid yesterday before bed. You should take a look at the sound mix on that one. The background clips are to loud at times so it was hard to follow what you said.

Also, at the end you could try to tell people to watch specific videos on your end screens. I had 3% end screen lock rate but after telling people to specifically watch THIS video it increased to 15+ for those videos. You can check out the last 30 seconds of my last few videos to see what I mean.

Yup! I was actually just watching some videos that suggested doing that! And I realized after I posted that the audio for the first background clip was up way too high, but being half asleep I didn't catch it!

Figured it was a mistake as I hadn't seen it happen in your videos before. Figured it tell you anyways just in case :P

Yes, man! I appreciate it!

It seems like this will cause a long Gta 6 development delay because many lines of code from the game were also leaked... so it sucks, these hackers always find a way to attack each company's information systems at their softest points, i.e. the human component of each company.

By the way good video Pal. It's really nice to see how your Youtube channel is growing (y)


The hacker is actually now trying to sell off the source code. He said that he is not looking for anything under 6 figures for it! It's nuts!

And thank you! With the Saints Row content dying down, I'm trying to find another game that people are interested in!

Great Pal, Maybe you must try with Elder Ring, or the new COD, ehmm actually I'm not really the modern gaming type, I'm more of a retro guy he he he, but I know that Elder and COD are very popular these days.


I've been meaning to give Elder Ring a go! It does look like The Division 2 is still often searched, and since it's a game that keeps on getting updated, and one I'm interested in. I think I may try that out.

For COD I think the competition in that area would be really high, and I haven't been that big of a fan of the games and would be afraid that it would leak into my content!

Thanks for the suggestion! 😀

Brother, on one hand I feel good to see that the game is being developed, but on the other hand I feel sorry for the workers, practically the surprise is ruined.

Although in my case I don't care because I'll keep waiting for the game with anxiety haha.

I'm happy that the plot will be developed in Vice City. Cheers.

I hear you on that! I can see why they might be feeling discourage because a lot of people don't release that this is pre alpha footage of the game.

Been waiting for a very long time now we have a leak that's awesome can't wait for the release

It's kind of a mixed bag. The fact that the hacker has the source code isn't a good thing and threatens the intergrity of the game.

Really I thought it was an official leak

Nope, not an official leak! I'll have a video out probably Sunday or Monday going over who the allegedly is!


It looks like GTA VI will take place in America as well like GTA V did. But I guess we'll see some major differences than the two games although I was thinking that this new one could take place in another country like in China or maybe in UAE. LOL.

I hope it'll be a loved one to the GTA fans.

Jason Schrier of the bloomberg report ( the same dude that got into contact with rockstar to confirm these leaks are real) has information that the main portion of the game will take place in Vice City, and other cities are going to eventually be added.

I'm not sure if his sources are saying that there will be xpacs for this game or if the new cities are being added to GTA:O version of this game.

It would be really cool to see a Godfather 2 type deal where we can actually go to an airport and fly to other cities!

This is false. How GTA 6 is going to look worse than GTA V, simply untrue. So many technological advances for no progress at all? It's not believable.

It's not false. It has been confirmed by Rockstar. And the reason why it looks bad is because this is pre alpha footage of the game.

I look into everything I post and if I do make a mistake in something I always let people know about it.

The game is still at least 2 years from release.