This was so random, at no time in my life would I have thought about it until today, damn modern world where everything is a reason for social movement.


Just curious but how is your retention rate on your videos? Would be interesting to see how your longform content is performing. Totally okay if you don't want to share!

What's next, you want my Social insurance number too? xD

Some of my older SR videos aren't getting that much attention now, but I'd figure that would happen once the hype around the game started to die down. Now it's all about experimenting and finding out what else will work!

My dumbass also didn't realize there was a difference between Keywords and Tags, so hopefully that will drive up my numbers now, since I know how to actually do some keyword research.

In case you don't know what I meant by retention I meant the analytic that shows you how much of your videos is actually being watched. Here's the retention data for my latest video for instance. It's a great tool to see where viewers are dropping off so you can maybe consider cutting parts of future videos where you see big dips. Intros and channel animations are usually the worst killers.


Oh jeez! Ya I'm seeing a bit of a dip during my intro section! Might end up cutting those out!

ahh how curious it seems to me very ramdon.

ahh que curioso me parece muy loco.

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