Star Wars Squadrons review and rating - Fly into space and defend your kingdom!

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The Star Wars series is one of the biggest names in the movie and video game industry as well, and we have always had games derived from it, the last of which was Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which won the admiration of players. If you were from the nineties and liked the games in the series that revolve around fighting space ships, but will Star Wars Squadrons offer you the same experience?

The inspiration for space shooters but I think the biggest inspirations were from the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games of the 1990s. Like these games, Star Wars Squadrons' gameplay will rotate in first person and you will spend most of your time inside the space plane whether you are with Empire or Rebel side. Unfortunately, there is no support for a third-person perspective and this is what will keep many away from it. It should be noted that the command center of the vehicle is full of details and the game provides an excellent experience for this style, but despite that, I would have hoped there was support for the third-person perspective where fighting spaceships was the best phase in Battlefront 2. I understand what Motiv's studio is trying to do here but access and options matter Important.

Also, this game is not about realism and does not expect a style of gameplay like Microsoft Flight Simulator where everyone will be able to understand and play it easily after several minutes of experimenting with control. The command and control system is smooth and responds quickly and there are several aspects that you must pay attention to during battles in addition to avoiding strikes and shooting. You can focus the power of the vehicle on something more than the second and this adds some strategy to the game, for example, you can focus the energy of the vehicle on the shield in order to reduce the damage and this is important to use when escaping and you can focus the energy on the weapons where the charging time will decrease and you can focus on the engine to lift The speed of your vehicle. This increased the aesthetics and simplicity of the playing style, which pleases me and will often satisfy many people.

Star Wars Squadrons contains a story mode that takes place after Return of the Jedi and centers around Lyndon Jaffs, who was a captain of Empire before he betrayed them and moves alongside the Republic to help them build a killer vehicle called Starhawk. Former team member Teresa Kirille entrusted herself to avenge him and did everything to destroy this vehicle. The story is not interesting enough and there are no surprises, but the crew's conversations throughout the gameplay are okay, but you don't expect much.


The game also allows you in its beginnings the ability to customize your character, where you can choose the color, shape and sound before you start the story, but all of these customizations that try to present a feeling of freedom to the player have no meaning and the reason is that you will never see or hear your character. In the command center in your vehicle, you control the first-person perspective and in the movie clips the same thing happens. Even when the story progresses and you talk to your team members, you won't hear your voice and it will be a one-sided conversation - there aren't even different options for dialogue. You are someone who does not really exist in the story of the game although you are always praised and described as one of the most important people in the events.

To clarify, I am not saying that the story is very bad, but rather the way it is told is disappointing and takes you away from the experience that the studio is trying to put you in. The biggest reason may be that the developer team was working on the game from the start thinking about virtual reality. Star Wars Squadrons supports virtual reality on PC and Playstation 4, and many of my friends who have tried it with virtual reality praise it more than I did and did not feel these negatives. As someone who plays it from the console, this is very noticeable and far from the experience.

Well, it might not be the game's main focus but the gameplay - that's right so without extending any further, let's get into group mode. Do not worry, this paragraph will not be long because there are only two phases. The first phase is called Dogfight, which is a Death Match with five-player teams. You can choose your favorite vehicle and cooperate with your team to kill the other side, the team that accumulates thirty kills wins. The phase is fun and full of action.

The second phase is called Fleet Battle, which is the most difficult of these modes, which also requires greater cooperation from the team, as you must fight enemies with artificial intelligence and fight the other team’s fleet and whoever advances more and reaches the main vehicle, which is the strongest and needs some skill to destroy it.


The team mode is fun but lacks content and EA recently announced that it does not plan to support the game with new content after launch. We should also note that the game does not contain any items that can be purchased with real money as everything can be unlocked through play and this shows us that EA learned its lesson from Battlefront 2. On the other hand, the price of the game is forty US dollars and this reduces the negativity and the impact of poverty Content.

On the PlayStation 4 Pro, the performance was excellent and I did not feel a noticeable drop in the number of frames and the graphics were excellent, so in case you were concerned about the speed and fluidity of home devices, I hope this answered your question. In case you own a VR goggle, Star Wars Squadrons will undoubtedly offer you a unique experience. In the event that you are playing it with the console, you will have the fun you expect but the fun may stop after a while.