My weekly post about my Terracore journey on HIVE (Part 4)

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Hello lovley scrap miners,

I'm playing Terracore for 5 weeks now. You can see my progress and some news about the game reading my post.

[Image from the offical terracore posts]

My Base

Instead of increasing my damage and defense this week I tried to add my mined $SCRAP to gain more FAVOR. FAVOR is very important to be able to visit other planets. I reached over 100 FAVOR right now. Due to a new item I bought from the market my defense value increased without updating the stat activly ;)
I was also able to increase my engineering stat to mine more $SCRAP.

[Image from the terracore base game]

My Goal for the next week

I will keep continously updating my FAVOR this week instead of spending my $SCRAP anywhere else. Except crates maybe 😃

The Development

This time a lot of changes and new feature came to the game. @crypt0gnome was working really hard and published 3 posts

First of all he changed the desing of the core game to let it fit better to the space theme.

Another change is regarding the mining rate again to balance it way better then before. There was a long discussion on Discord about that topic and the result is the following in short: minerate = cost to upgrade enginerring / 48 hours in secs

The next feature is that some players can travel to another planet right now if they gained 2000 FAVOR. The travel costs will be 2 $FLUX now and the boss is a really hard one to beat. But if you beat him you get a way more attractive drop rates then.

[Image from the actual drop table of crate on planets]

Last but now least we will get quests into the game in the near future. You can read more about it in the following post: Dev-Log 23

Discord stuff

Nothing new on Discord so far. Cat memes and $SCRAP rains are still a thing. Yesterday someone created around 100 alt accounts what is totally crazy to be honest 😱

What is Terracore?

Terracore is a relative new idle miner game on the HIVE blockchain where you build your base to protect your mined $SCRAP tokens from the attacks of other players. For this you can improve some stats like attack, defense or critical hits.
Also, all players have the possibility to burn $SCRAP to unlock a new planet.
To be able to play you need an active account on terracore and have to spent around $25 HIVE to be an official citizen. My referral link is linked below if you like to join the game :)

[Image from the terracore base game]

For more information about how the game works take a look at the official wiki !

The End

Thanks for reading my post. I will keep you up to date from time to time regarding my in-game progress and about interesting new features being added.

Stay tuned.

If you like to play this game as well it would be very great using my referral link:

Links for Terracore Game

Play Terracore:

Join the discord server:


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Good to see the people of Hive enjoying the games available in the ecosystem even if I personally find them boring as shit.

Yes I like the gameplay right now to be honest. And that the game get updated every few weeks with new features or balance changes. Makes it more interesting for me. But I dont know how the long run will be ;)

Laughs, there was a game called Moonbase. One could play it through MXIT it was a very popular chatting site back in the day. All it was, was a text based game but it was so much fun!

Terracore and Golem overlord remind me of that and I haven't found something so attractive in years until these two came out. If people were to find out about it on a mainstream way I think it has a lot of potential!


True. If more people would find the game a lot more people would play the game I guess. Its easy but still need some kind of strategy. And it dont need much attention regarding time ;)

The defence is looking realll good! Keep it up! I might find you on the battlefield yet! It looks like we are almost equal in stats.. almost

Oh man give me a chance please :)
Might need to upgrade my defense more then.
Have fun and enjoy the game. Here is some !PIZZA for you.


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Great job King @herman-german, aniol77(7/10) is truly impressed by the amount of time and effort you put into creating this post. Keep up the good work!

In fact @aniol77 has given you 0.05 SOULS! You can find it in your hive-engine wallet! We hope you enjoy it a lot!

BTW! with SOULS you can access our infernal coliseum game, conquer territories and earn rewards

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