Hive Gaming Community Daily Curation Project - 30/07/2020

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Welcome Hive Gamers! We are back with our curation project and our Daily Curation Reports!

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@rpcaceresThe weirdest final bosses in video games [ESP-ENG]
@darthnavaMy Played Video Games Review: Elevator Action for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
@awesomegames007The Last of Us - (After finishing TLOU2) Part 9
@emsonicGTA 5 RolePlay! #1
@angeru64Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: One Weird But Epic Crossover
@sharanaithalDay 3 of Not Gaming
@thepeacookBeat Saber - Bass Nipple – Infected Mushroom
@msearlesPC Gaming with Bengy!
@whatageekWhat Is The Best Video Game Console Of All Time?
@aud-perez[ESP][ENG] Deadly Premonition: Beaten by Critics and turned into a CULT GAME by Fans
@freakeao(Game Review) ITTA, a game of crazy action, shots and impressive bosses.
@carlos-fernandoNana the lucky magic cat - Mobile legends
@chuchoafonsoMarvel vs capcom (reseña) / Marvel vs capcom (review)
@thranaxThe main keys to Marvel's Avengers
@thranaxThe referent of the western role
@ikasumaneraMy first King of Fighters 98 Tournament (Round 1) - Mi Primer Torneo de King of Fighters 98 (Round 1)
@binkyprodWhat Will the New Fable Look Like? (Essence of Fable & Theories for Fable 4)
@badpupperThe Land Of Pain And Sorrow And Also Ninjas And Other Cool Shit
@stormkeeperguSome thoughts and and plans for the upcoming weekend...
@shmoogleosukami[Replay] 🔴 Live! 🕹️ No Man's Sky - Getting rich from extreme planets!
@pixelbitesLet's Backlog - Drakengard 2 - Finale



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