Hive Gaming Community Daily Curation Project - 31/07/2020

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Welcome Hive Gamers! We are back with our curation project and our Daily Curation Reports!

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@arsalan64Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone - Season 04 - Part 98 - GTX 1660 - PC - 2160p60FPS - 4K
@thecrytotraderDestroy All Humans :- Mission 2 (The Brain-Wash)
@carlos-fernandoGatotkaca the iron bone - Mobile legends
@doshSplinterlands Notable Daily Battle #23 – Water duel
@reigningIt's Frankenstein Thursdays but not so Halloween 🚯
@piggericksHow to make money with piggericks
@splinterloreSplinterlands Epic Card Profile - Fire Demon
@sayeeSILVERSHIELD WARRIOR - Protection guarenteed (Splinterlands)
@syberiaMiniReview - Professor Layton and The Curious Village [ESP/ENG]
@aud-perez[ESP][ENG] PORTAL: you MUST Know GLaDOS
@sadbear🕐⏮Games that give off memories # 47: Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver 👿🧛‍♀️🧛‍♂️🩸🔥⚔🌌/ 🕐⏮Videojuegos que desprenden nostalgia #47
@venapgamesMy first day adventure in Darksider Warmastered Edition
@nuforhadGris Rreview. Masterpiece?
@josecarreragGeralt of Rivia - The Witcher - in Monster Hunter World
@bittmanLet's Review Battlefield 5-- Is Battlefield 5 still worth buying? (Game Review)
@knowhow92Splinterlands Season Rewards - 40 Loot Chest (Video and Commentary)
@allamaCall Of Duty Warzone Multiplayer Mode Gameplay Season-4 Episode-9
@mellowy3llowDeath Stranding - Now available on PC
@ikasumaneraMy first King of Fighters 98 Tournament (Round 2) - Mi Primer Torneo de King of Fighters 98 (Round 2)
@martusamakSplinterlands Season Finale
@qbas116CALL of DUTY Mobile " Dwadzieścia trafień i wygrywasz 😉 "
@trave160Destroy All Humans! Remake - Extermination Protocal (Game Review)
@jlordcMy 22nd hero on Mobile Legends!
@aaliyahholtLife Is Strange Episode 2: Telling Kate To Go To The Cops
@hiphopphantom[Replay] Tekkenthon: Ultra Hard Edition (7/30/20) 1 of 2
@dlstudiosZero Charisma (2013) Review
@ddrfr33kCo-Op Thursday!
@thranaxMy classic shoot’em up games Darius comes to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch
@gabox[ESP][ENG] The sounds of yesteryear's computers / Los sonidos de las computadoras de antaño
@sharanaithalDay 4 of Not Gaming
@thelastchanseGames worth playing "Let's play 7 Days To Die" #1
@thranaxFairy Tail, the new video game adaptation of Hiro Mashima's manga.



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