holoz0r's A-Z of Steam: Fearless Fantasy - a mobile game finding its way on PC?

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Fearless Fantasy looks like a mobile game. A cursory search of the Google Play Store confirms this initial glance. It was released way back in 2014, and features cartoony-"fmv" sequences, with happy-go-lucky voice acting; a level up system, items, a store, and a unique spin on turn based combat in RPGs.

Controlling a party of three characters, you battle monsters and travel through a rudimentary world map. Between missions and waves, slight bits of exposition expose the personalities of the characters which are competently written and entertaining. Except for the villains. They're awful.


Combat is unique. You choose to attack, or use an ability and then you get a rhythm based interface appear. This mechanic is based around touch, but works well via a mouse. Click a circle, or swipe across some arrows and you get graded on accuracy.

Depending on how accurate you are, your attack either fails, is barely effective, is normal, epic, or flawless. You do the same when enemy attacks hit, and you're able to mitigate some of the damage.

One way to look at this is like a dice roll in Dungeons And Dragons - except your skill is what controls the outcome. Based on this, it brings an entertaining real time mechanic into an otherwise turn based combat system, and enables the developers to achieve a lot of depth in exchange for not a lot of effort. It's clever.


I piled all my character's attributes into strength to turn them into nukers, and it worked well. Any strategy seems to be viable, however, with speed being just as damaging, with the real time battle system enabling more attacks instead of strong ones - which will be particularly useful for on-hit effects.

There's a bunch of features that you'd expect from a game like this that are absent. Monsters don't drop items, and the biggest quality of life issue I found in the combat was the requirement to target a monster in combat, even if they were the last ones left alive. A simple improvement would be If monsterCount <=1, do not enable targeting subroutine, or something like that.

Its a small complaint in an otherwise entertaining game that should keep you busy for a few hours. Its a bit cumbersome using a mouse, so I'd reccomend picking it up on a touch based platform, and you'll no doubt have a blast.

Also, the game literally runs on a potato - look at this from the developer's system requirements on Steam:



looks really interesting I'm not a fan of phone games but maybe I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

I'd probably grab it on sale, as opposed to full price. :)

PFFFFFFTTTTTTT I appreciate the developer purely for the system requirements XD

Its pretty fantastic! :D