Is it just me or half life alyx sucks ?

in Hive Gaming6 days ago (edited)

I played roughly 2 hours and I am already quite bored, I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong with it, perhaps is it too much of a "look around" game or perhaps is it too linear. But I basically decided that I wouldn't finish it, Mostly because I don't have the time but also because I don't really have that much fun with it.

Encounters are not very thrilling because you have too much life and the enemies have too much life as well. And since enemies are not too much of a threat, the horror vibe is lessened because you're like "oh well not like he can kill me if he jumps on me"

or is it just me ?


Kinda' right? So many people get motionsick playing it.

I am very used to VR so it's not the motion sickness (the game is pretty mild in terms of motion sickness) but idk, the gameplay isn't great :/

watched some streams, and I didn't really like it too

Which streamers did you watch?

implementation is a little strange. its not just you

ya, the enemy is not that strong, compare with resident evil 2, but the graphic is excellent

I'd say stick with it, give it some time. It's a new paradigm, sometimes these tastes take time to be acquired.