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Hello all of you Hive Gaming members, I'm @incublus, I created this account about 15 days ago because we started a new application thanks to OCD. Today I want to tell you about it. I'm not going to beat around the bush and I'll talk directly about the purpose of the account.

The purpose of this account is to reward active and helpful members of the Hive Gaming community. I'll talk a little bit about what I reward and how I reward them.

We all love nice comments on our posts, don't we? I'm not talking about "great post", I'm talking about long and detailed comments that make you feel that your post was actually read and understood. Since Hive is a social platform, comments are very valuable to us. In order to increase the amount of quality comments, I have been sending tips to the quality comments I see in the Hive Gaming community for about 1 week. You can see all of these comments from my wallet. https://ecency.com/hive-140217/@stk-g/re-shipsaster-rmt4u3 Here is one of those comments.

Also, sometimes what you share on Hive can be overlooked and not included in the curation. Or sometimes there are posts that I realize don't get the value they deserve. Some short posts and things like that. In such cases, I will continue to support you with tips. https://ecency.com/hive-140217/@spardaryodan/trying-to-escape-from-raccoon-city-or-resident-evil-3-nemesis-gameplay-episode-2-eng-esp Here is one of the last posts I sent a tip for.

So from now on none of your quality activities on Hive Gaming will go unrewarded! I will follow as closely as I can and check all activity in the community once or twice a day.

There is one more thing you should know. The tips sent from this account are all provided by the rewards sent by OCD, but the votes I send from this account are entirely my personal votes. So they have nothing to do with OCD. They are completely at my discretion. So what I'm saying is that just because you vote from this account doesn't mean that you will be voted by OCD or that you will be tipped by this account. I don't want there to be any misunderstanding like that, so I wanted to make that clear.

Thank you for reading, I hope I have enlightened you about this account. You can ask anything you are curious about. Have a great day!

 2 months ago  

Sounds like a fantastic idea! It’s always awesome to receive really detailed comments!

Also, thank you very much for the sent Hive 🙏 Just saw the notification for the transfer. Massively appreciate the support! Hive Gaming is a great community!

You are welcome bro! Incublus here as always to contribute Hive Gaming 💪

 21 days ago  

Thanks again for the sent Hive! Always appreciated! Hive Gaming is a spectacular community!

Hey just read this, what an amazing idea; it's such a good incentive to get people reading and communicating more in the gaming community. I'm sorry that I didn't see this and give it a vote when it was published, but, here's some !PIZZA and !LOLZ great work!

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A great job really, I find it quite impressive that you manage to observe all the games and publications that are uploaded daily within the community, and also leave them tips to improve more and more.

The truth is that it would be very difficult for me to do something like that but I'm always looking for reviews or something like that of the games that I know or that I find interesting, for my part I like the retro and new generation games.

Great work and a good project you have in mind, thank you very much for your hard work :)

You're welcome. Checking posts every day is also a hobby for me. I like to read about the game and I'm glad that a lot of people here appreciate my work.

Welcome to the community! Thank you introducing yourself and for offering support to promote conversation between community members on posts.

Hahaha, you can't be serious, man! I've been a member of this community for 7 months. My username is @incublus. I guess you didn't read the post well.

Cool initiative. You're doing a lot for the gaming community. Keep it up and keep rewarding us, lol.

Hahaha, don't worry I'm working on it.

Hi friend! this is a really really good initiative for the writers and readers of all hive gaming communitiy I think with this the engagement of the post increase more and get and the content gets more value! thanks for this bro!

I'm glad you like it. Our goal is to increase people's activity and to make this activity quality.

I have also been using the tips tool for some time now, I feel it has too much potential to reward those authors who do not get into whale curation often.

That's what I'm trying to do in general, to reward writers who don't get rewarded much.

I think it's great, I think it's fantastic, like interacting in comments is great you give your opinion of the game even if you don't know it and you also let the author know that you liked his publication, besides meeting new people I have many friends on the platform that I have met by a comment on a post, that's interaction.

Que genial me parece fantástico, igual interactuar en comentarios es super das tu opinión del juego aunque no lo conozcas y también haces saber al autor que te gusto su publicación , además de conocer nuevas personas tengo muchos amigos en la plataforma que he conocido por un comentario en algún post, eso es interacción.

Absolutely! That's one of the things we want to do. You can make a lot of friends here by commenting to each other. Not only will this help you get votes, but you'll also enjoy your time on Hive more.

 5 months ago (edited) 

Very cool, and a great idea. There's so much content on here that it's difficult to find everything, and for everyone to get the recognition their work deserves, but the Hive GC has been doing a fantastic job promoting quality content on here.

Plus, it truly is nice to have people comment on your posts who are genuinely interested in what you're saying, writing about, or sharing. It's not only validating, but it's also fun to chat about something you're passionate about!

Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing it evolve!!

Yes, at least in my case I write in my blog because I like what I write about, if there are things that I do not know I communicate with some friends I have met on the discord server that has hive gaming, I chat with them for a while and from there I get ideas for my publications or ask for recommendations of games ...

Although most of them I can't play them, I always try to find an alternative of the same game, even if it's the retro version from 1990 hehe, but that's something.

We don't all have PS 5s or PCs with RTX 3090s to play games, man, so it's fun to play old but quality games.

I'm glad you like it, the Hive Gaming community is one of my favorite communities on Hive. I'm ready to do my best to make it thrive!

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Love the initiative. There's definitely been posts that I opt to 100% vote because they're great but have very little reward or interaction... One of the troubles of having an incredibly successful community is that it's impossible to read everything!

I will continue to try to reward everyone, as long as they engage and deserve it man.