Path of Exile ~ Lake of Kalandra ~ some fine progression!

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After a couple of days engaged in reality and free from the shiny colours of Path of Exile, I dove back in today to a plethora of happenings. First things first, I increased my Strength by a very decent amount which allowed me to equip my new fancy Repentance gloves.

Repentance grants me "Iron Will" which makes it so my Strength becomes a hefty chunk of Spellpower and makes my lightning bolts hit for even more than they were before. They're very nice!

In order to get this Strength to equip the gloves in the first place, I needed to roll blue sockets onto Strength/Dexterity boots which was a pain in the butt. After using up all of my Chromatic Orbs, I ended up farming up some more and just using the guaranteed 3 blue sockets recipe from the crafting table and hoping that the 4th one went blue or red.

It went red!

Which meant I could re-roll my Strength/Energy Shield helmet to 4 blue sockets instead. A far easier endeavour since Energy Shield gear tends to roll blue. So with a bit of gear swapping, I was able to equip all my gems and then the new gloves and voila! I was more powerful at last!


All that's missing now is my Aegis Aurora shield. Which, if I fail to find it myself, will set me back 15 Divine Orbs. I've never been that rich in any previous league playing this, so my chances are pretty slim. Fingers crossed though.

And then I'll need an Enlighten gem to reduce my reserved mana issues. I need to use Discipline as well but due to not having enough mana reserved I'm unable to. According to Path of Building, once I have Enlighten equipped and levelled up, I'll be able to have all of my auras up.

That'll be nice.


I found myself ploughing through white maps with ease and very quickly entered yellow maps and was greeted by the Maven's Envoy.

I ended up completing the first Maven challenge very quickly, but I don't feel quite ready to go on just yet.


In my skill tree, I've gone towards this skill that makes me immune to Chaos damage but only allows me one health point. I was a bit worried about it at first, but it's really no trouble at all. I just need to remember that when my energy shield is gone, that's it, I'm dead. My brain still thinks there's health there to fall back on. 😅

But it's so nice not to have to worry about Chaos damage or the evil green balls of doom that zoom down from above. The moment I specc'd into this skill, my game got a million times better.

Next on my list is to capture the soul of Ara, Sister of Light in a Divine Vessel and hand her in to Sin. That will make it so I cannot be frozen.


Now that Chaos damage can't harm me, my only bane is being frozen and unable to move. Once I fix that by capturing Ara's soul, my game will be three million times better!


Another interesting thing that happened to me today was that I discovered the crafting recipe for creating Six-Link gear!!

I just found it in a map. 🤷‍♀

I've never seen this recipe before in my entire time playing this game. My partner thought it was only obtainable by delving and I can barely survive further than depth 70 in the delve so I've never come across these spiffier recipes.

I guess they moved it?

Now I just need to randomly come across 1500 Orbs of Fusing to even use the recipe. XD


The above screenshot totally would've been my header image for today's post if not for that random Scroll of Wisdom sitting right in the middle, tarnishing my lightning. 😅

At the moment I'm slowly levelling through the lower yellow maps, too afraid to really go on higher lest I die and lose all of my hard-earned XP. I already have a bunch of tier 9 and 10 maps ready to go, but I don't want to use them yet.

Until I get the "Cold River" map anyway, as that's where Ara lives and where I shall steal her soul and use it for my very own.

That's my next main goal in this. Getting her soul so I can no longer be frozen. That's going to make my build an 11 out of 10. So excited to no longer have to worry about cold mobs ruining my day. 😂

Looking forward to sharing my accomplishment in this endeavour in a few days, hopefully!


Until next time! 🙂



All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: Path of Exile.


The graphics of this game are great for a free game. Sorry for the text in the middle because in the thumbnail this would have looked great. I must say it looks great though. I can't wait to see your progress. I'll be here the day you capture Ara's soul!

 3 months ago  

They really do! It's a very graphically pleasing game for what it is. 😃

It would be cool to play something Diabl-ish someday -- if my laptop could pull it off. Which is an impossibility. Any retro pixel-style love-letter-to-Diablo games out there?)

 3 months ago  

I'm not sure, but a pixel style Diablo-clone would be great! I'd play the hell out of it. xD

This game looks cool and I agree with @incublus about the graphics of this game.

Wow, yes @inclublus is right. The graphics look great.

I'm not @inclublus but okay 🤣🤣

Omg, Sorryyyy hahaha

Off-topic: Watch the anime "World's Finest Assassin".

 3 months ago  

Just had a google... looks interesting. 🙂

It’s a new gen isekai anime, are you into animes?

 3 months ago  

I wouldn't say that I'm "into" them. I like Pokemon and Dragonball Z, and a cute little anime called Lucky Star... The Boy and the Beast was a very heartfelt anime movie too. But I don't really go out of my way to watch them.

I see😅.