Path of Exile ~ playing around with Lightning Conduit!

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Now that I've been playing with Lightning Conduit and can understand it a bit better due to actually using it, I've tweaked my build a little more in the Path of Building app and have changed my original method of dealing Shock to my foes.

I was originally dabbling with using Shock Nova or Orb of Storms, and Storm Brand, and other assorted things to start getting my shock out there ready to throw down my Lightning Conduit, but instead, I've found Arc to be far more effective at delivering.


My original build idea can be found HERE. Now I'm thinking:

⚡️Lightning Conduit > Inspiration > Lightning Damage > Lightning Penetration > Spell Echo > Arcane Surge (5 blue sockets; 1 red socket)

⚡️Arc > Overcharge > Innervate > Elemental Proliferation (4 blue sockets)

⚡️Conductivity > Blasphemy - Flame Dash (3 blue sockets)

⚡️Wave of Conviction > Cast when Damage Taken > Elemental Proliferation (2 blue sockets; 1 red socket)

⚡️Tempest Shield > Innervate > Overcharge > Lightning Damage (4 blue sockets)

⚡️Summon Lightning Golem > Discipline > Determination > Enlighten (3 blue sockets; 1 red socket)

Because I'm going more Armour/Energy Shield though, most of the armour required is more "heavy" so it's going to be a pain in the butt rolling blue sockets into them. 🤣 I'm going to need ALL the chromatic orbs.


Chaos Orbs have been dropping left, right and centre for me, and I found a few 5-link chest pieces that I sold for 3 chaos orbs each on They were corrupted and the wrong colours so no good for me, but evidently a few people thought they were useful as they were sold within an hour of me listing them.

Thanks to that influx of orbs, I bought the weapon I need for my build — Singularity — a unique ring that I need — Valako's Sign — and a couple of random gears to help as I level. You can definitely notice the lack of elemental resistance until you equip some more appropriate items! 😅

Next on my list is to save my Chaos Orbs for a The Beast Fur Shawl chest piece. I was originally going to go with an Inpulsa's Broken Heart, but after staring at various pieces in the Path of Building app, The Beast Fur Shawl is better for my energy shield requirements while doing the same amount of damage.

There are no 6-links available on at the moment, but 6-sockets are apparently worth a measly 2 chaos orbs. Here's hoping when someone throws up a linked one, it won't be tooooo expensive. Inpulsa's Broken Heart is far more expensive, so I'm glad I noticed this Fur Shawl.


While levelling, I found my first Exalted Orb! Which means absolutely nothing because the Super Currency is now the Divine Orb. 🤣


I'm in Act 9 at the moment, almost up to Act 10, and I'm just flying through content at the moment all thanks to Lightning Conduit. This is the fastest I've ever killed packs of enemies instantly just like I'd see in various Youtubes about the game.

With any luck, I've created something amazing and I actually manage to kill bosses and things. In that case I can actually properly share this build and be all, YEAH! I CREATED SOMETHING WORTHY!

While I'm insta-killing pretty much everything, I'm also a bit of a glass canon. Once I kill Kitava at the end of Act 10 I'll be able to focus a bit more on adjusting my elemental resistance and I need to put a few more points into some Energy Shield nodes.

It seems to all be falling into place. 😊


Until next time!! 🎮



All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: Path of Exile.


A long time ago I read another article about this game. I was going to give it a chance because it was free, but the article was quite negative. It was actually about the producers. Anyway, I don't want to confuse you, you seem to be doing pretty well 😂.

 3 months ago  

Nothing confusing about your comment, haha. 😅

The game is good, and it's a free game that is actually completely free with no pay to win aspect whatsoever. That's very rare in today's market.