Path of Exile ~ Lake of Kalandra ~ New League Day!

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Thanks to a routine formed when I first started joining in with the old Path of Exile Hardcore Races on-chain, I have this bad habit on New League Day of waking up early, downloading the Path of Exile update and jumping into the game the moment the servers are live.

For the first time in ages, today I didn't!

Well, I still downloaded the patch first thing in the morning, but this time I sat down with my iced coffee and started investigating the Lightning Conduit and Overcharge gems since they still hadn't been added to Path of Building. I am NOT in a race; I can take my time.

Honestly, there wasn't that much information still, and I was disappointed that Path of Building hadn't added the new gems into its database yet when I read that they usually do a couple of hours before new patches go live. In the build that I've made, I've got Arc sitting there as a placeholder for Lightning Conduit and I haven't been able to really find out much about Overcharge. So the only way to really find out is to hop into the game.

At least, if Lightning Conduit isn't as amazing as I think it will be, my build is pretty solid for Arc. 🤷‍♀


For the first time ever, I'm running a Templar instead of a Witch! 😱 I was pretty sure I was going to go Elementalist, and then I was thinking of going Ascendant, and then, last night as I was tweaking my build, I was like, NAH! LET'S GO INQUISITOR.

So, Templar it is. Here's hoping he wears my transmog nicely because I did kind of design that around my usual female character. 😂


Oh, here he is, wearing the skins I bought. Doesn't look as good as the Witch but it'll do, Donkey. (He looks like a big, fat emo fairy.)


Something I learned recently also was that if you go into the Standard game and sort your inventory (after you suffer a brain aneurysm because you've played so many leagues and challenges and you have fifty thousand tabs in your stash) the way you sort your stash tabs moves forward to future leagues.

So before the league start, I sorted my affinities and tabs in Standard, and was overjoyed to find it all carried forward to the new league! I don't know how long this has been a thing for, but it's very welcome.

When I reached level 7, my partner got out of bed and turned on his computer and such, then says to me, "Pob's been updated." and I squealed with glee and alt-tabbed and then squealed with more glee when I replaced Arc with Lightning Conduit in my attempted build and received 600k more Full DPS.

So far so good! 😁 Now I just need to get it in-game and see what it's really like! Which won't be til level 28 or so, and it won't be very good until I get a reliable source of Shock anyway.


At level 20 I got my first Chaos Orb. Then I got another. Both in the same Lake of Kalandra mechanic. 😊 A good start to the League.

By level 35, I had seven Chaos Orbs. xD Pretty much entirely thanks to the Kalandra maps. I found one randomly out in the world.


I got the new ability, Lightning Conduit, at level 28 and I've been trying to get used to it. It only damages enemies providing they're already debuffed with shock, so I've currently put shock chance on my Tempest Shield and Wave of Conviction and I have Shock Nova which is a guaranteed shock.

It's not ideal at the moment. I need to finish Act 4 to get Cast When Damage Taken, get Wave of Conviction going regularly, and then get my gems done up nicely so I never have to even inflict shock myself, it just happens automatically.

Then I can go around just zapping everything!

It'll be great.


The new Lake of Kalandra (I have to stop myself from writing 'Caloundra' every damn time) mechanic seems pretty fun so far too. And good for XP. I've just finished Act 3 and I'm level 42, haha.

It's nothing special though, from what I can see so far. I did have one mirror event show up, but I don't think I really care about it that much. Oooh, lose 20 intelligence and get 20 life per kill, orrrrrr, gain 20 intelligence and get hit for 20 life per kill.

I'm not interested in shuffling through these positives and negatives that the special part of the mechanic is offering. I like doing up my mirror then diving in and killing a bunch of things for loot though. So there's that.


I'm halfway through Act 4 at the moment. 🙂 I'm not diving into this as quick and full-on as I normally would. I'm happy to just take my own pace for a change and enjoy the scenery. The next Destiny 2 season is out in a few days as well so I'll be dividing my time between these two games for the time being.

Doing it this way I won't get burnt out on either of them in a week like I normally would. XD

So far I'm pretty happy with my setup. Need to path towards more energy shield skills before continuing on towards more damage and things. Tomorrow I'm going to go do the first (maybe second) Labyrinth and get my first Inquisitor points and continue levelling. I should reach mapping mid-nextweek or so!

(When I ding'd 42, someone else was first to ding 93. I can never again call myself a no-lifer.)


Until next time!! 😊



All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: Path of Exile.


I liked this game, and I see that it is quite extensive. Giant in content. Thanks for bringing the review. It looks more contained and looks fun.

 3 months ago  

this post made me research about the lake of kalandra . 🤣

I’ve never seen or even heard of this game before this post but I am gonna have to watch some gameplay videos on it.

This game looks like a modernized and better version of Diablo II with pretty aesthetics.

 3 months ago  

This pretty much is Diablo but better. 😅 You can go soooo indepth in how you build a character, there are thousands of skills, utilities, armours and you can mix and match it all however you see fit. It's really deep and complex.

The only thing I find Diablo does better are random things like the treasure goblins, and cow and rainbow portals. And having an Adventure Mode instead of just the campaign. Sometimes I prefer the simplicity of Diablo over PoE though and play that instead. 😊

That said, I only ever played Diablo 3... I heard Diablo 2 is a lot more indepth than 3 is.

I didn't know this game, it looks colossal.

Although I'm very bad at grind in games but it has graphics that invite you to try it.

Good pictures it looks like it has good graphics the only one I've played similar I think is Hades which is still amazing. !PIZZA

 3 months ago  

I never tried Hades though I've heard it's a fantastic game! 🙂 I like rogue-likes and action rpgs, but the graphics of it threw me off a little. My eyes don't really like the art style, unfortunately.

Deberías darle una oportunidad a Hades seguro te gustará.

 3 months ago  

My eyes have issues with stylised graphics like Hades has. Everything melds together and I find it hard to differentiate between enemies and the environment... I'm sure I'll like it otherwise, but it'll be too much of a headache trying. 😌

I understand, there should be some accessibility settings for cases like yours, some games have them, in fact several that I've played on Xbox have that kind of details that are fixed in settings, now you know, they want us to play anywhere and everyone has the opportunity, with their slogan anywhere and anyone.

The new league mechanic sounds cool although not something quite special like what delve was. Enjoy it!

 3 months ago  

Delve was a masterpiece! I don't really think the Lake of Kalandra mechanic will end up being one of those leagues that is transferrable to the base game though, it seems pretty one-off.

It's pretty fun though, setting up your lake-board then jumping into the portal and annihilating all the things! 😁

Man, this looks insane

 3 months ago  

It's a pretty full-on game. xD

Have you tried apex?

 3 months ago  

Nope. Not my type of game. I'm not really into pvp shooters, just pve. 🙂 My partner lives in Apex Legends though haha. xD


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