Valheim -- For when you want to lose an entire day or two...

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...or perhaps even three!


Valheim is an early access title
that I didn't really want to get until it was released but, due to peer pressure, I rolled my eyes and bought it. Then spent 8.2 hours in it, completely unaware as time passed me by.

It's created by the same developers of Satisfactory. When I played through Satisfactory, I spent most of my time exploring the absolutely gorgeous world and wishing that the devs would create another beautiful world for an open-world RPG rather than a factory/world-exploiting game.

Unfortunately the world isn't as beautiful as the one in Satisfactory, however the game itself makes up for that particular disappointment.


The character creator is very bare-bones, and you can see already the quality of the graphics. My person is an untextured blob.

A blob!


Deposited upon the land via the talons of a giant person wearing a bird-suit, my partner and I arrived cold and wet in this new world, hungry, and with very little health.

A friend is running the server so was already in-game, and mentioned over Discord to check out the map...

So we did.


And discovered that the world is fricken' massive.


As it's an open world survival-craft RPG, the first thing we did was find a nice open area in which to build our base and set down the most important of items.


Beds serve as a respawn point if you have the misfortune to die.

Beds are also convenient as, just like in Minecraft, at night time if everyone in-game uses their beds, night will pass and morning will arrive! Which is so very helpful -- night time, especially when wandering the Black Forest, is a scary time.


Everything you do is considered a skill. Running, jumping, woodcutting, killing things with certain weapons, sneaking, etc.

The more you do them, the more skill points you gain and less stamina gets used when performing those tasks. Very helpful! Especially the sneaking and swimming. You will drown very quickly unless you get your swimming skill up, but in saying that, they have rafts and boats in the game for a reason.


There are mighty beasts that must be destroyed!

The first boss in the game is a giant lightning-deer that we very swiftly took down:


And as a reward for taking him down, we got his head! Which we then offered to some magical stones.


Placing the great beast's head there allowed us a nice stamina buff. Looking forward to seeing what the future bosses will give us!


Back home to have a feast. Food is very important in this game. You can have three foods active at one time -- so far we have discovered raspberries, blueberries, cooked meat, cooked fish, red mushrooms, yellow mushrooms, and honey.

So far, in my experience, a cooked meat, a cooked fish, and a honey have been the best combination -- I had a good 120 or so health from that lot! Unfortunately, fish don't seem to be very easy to catch. I got lucky and saw one flopping around in a puddle and quickly grabbed it, but haven't been able to grab any others from the water bodies.

I'm guessing at some point we can craft fishing rods or fishing nets. I'm not sure yet.


At 8.2 hours in, I don't think we've discovered more than maybe 5% of this game so far and I'm looking forward to sinking a lot of time into this, early access or not.

So far the bugs and glitches we've encountered are as such:

⭐️ We built a smelter, walked away from our base to go exploring, came back, and the smelter had disappeared.

⭐️ Creatures have spawned invisible with just a health bar to show that they're there.

⭐️ A few server hitches and lag spikes despite having a dedicated oceanic server hosted in Sydney.

And that's it so far!

I'm really enjoying this, though I really wish the graphics were as stunning as they are in Satisfactory.

Really, guys? Satisfactory, a planet-exploiting factory-building simulator, is more gorgeous than this open world fantasy RPG?

... and I really hope they change that before a final release.



Until next time,

Thanks for stopping by! 😊


All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: Valheim


I've heard lots of cool things about this one, maybe I should give it a try! :D

You should! I'm personally having a lot of fun with it! 😃

Satisfactory hooked me haaaaaard. 80 hours in a week. v.v I'ma stay a healthy distance from this game until I have some days off work.

Ooooh yes, if Satisfactory got you like that then Valheim is gonna be a bit worse! xD

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