World of Warcraft Classic ~ To Northrend!!! (and some babbling about PCs)

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Today is the day. Wrath of the Lich King Classic has officially launched and, honestly, I wasn't intending to play it today. I was going to wait for the "rush" to be over with and enjoy my gameplay a little more peacefully.

I was going to go play Valhive instead. xD

But... something happened.


This happened. This is my gaming area at the moment.

As you can see, there is shit everywhere and I'm using the laptop still.

Yesterday I received the final components for my new PC build and I was so excited! I haven't had a PC since... hell... 2011. I've been using laptops this entire decade. I was originally going to get a custom-built from the renowned Aftershock PC team, but my partner convinced me to indulge his PC building urges. Of course, I would be a lovely girlfriend and let him play with some PC parts, so I ordered everything and waited for it all to arrive.

It was all going smoothly until everything was connected and we went to power it on. There was no monitor signal on the 3080ti. There was no monitor signal on the onboard graphics. There was no monitor signal on an older 1080ti. We tried three different monitors. We troubleshooted and troubleshooted. And now the thing's decided that it just doesn't want to turn on. Motherboard DOA? Perhaps we killed the PSU? Who knows. Got a friend coming over tonight and the two of them are going to stare at these innards and work things out.

So. Until we isolate the issue and possibly discover that we need to do returns and order replacements, I'm stuck with my laptop and I'm grumpy as hell and I'm just going to mope in World of Warcraft.


So, I made it to Northrend and decided to start in the Howling Fjord. Mostly because I don't know how to get to the Borean Tundra on Horde side. xD And I knew the blimp to the Howling Fjord left Undercity.

It's a better zone anyway.

Obviously, being as I've mentioned previously my obsession with requiring a certain Sea Turtle mount, the first thing I did when I landed was to learn the next stage of Fishing so I could hopefully, one day soon, fish up my glorious beast.


Of course, within an hour and forty minutes of the expansion being live, someone had already achieved Realm First in something. That's dedication! I mean, it's only skinning, so only the fastest gathering profession to level up, but still; dedication.


I've just been bumming around the Fjord, slowly questing, doing some fishing, being chill. You can't catch the Sea Turtle in the lakes, but I'm just fishing wherever the nodes take me. I don't know which fish are the most useful yet for raid cooking and alchemy, so I'm keeping everything.

Yes, I could just google it, but I'll wait til later.


There are so many people online and playing this today. It's Tuesday, during the day, so not even prime time, and quest areas are packed with people, you have to get in line to kill things, hastily try and add people to party before they kill something so you can get credit too.

It's nice seeing so many people; at the same time, I prefer the peace of not so many people. I like a million people for the auction house, not a million people loitering around my quest areas. xD


I'm not in any rush though. There is plenty of time! Pretty sure I'm the first of my friends group to ever set foot in Northrend at the moment, so... heaps of time. xD


I get to explore this wonderful world all over again, this time from the very start. I'm very muchly looking forward to the Argent Tournament! I loved that questline and those dailies.

Back when dailies were actually fun and not just a chore. 😅


One thing I've noticed on this first day that I wasn't expecting — no one is interested in pvp at the moment. Woo! I'm questing alongside Alliance players in peace. Now that I've written this, I've probably jinxed it. But so far it's been a pleasant experience in the Howling Fjord.

In the screenshot above I'm having a spacebar-mount-screeching competition with some friendly Alliance paladin.


Today's journey through the beginning of Lich King was good and all, but I'm still disappointed at the events that led me to even playing today. May something just not be plugged in properly, may there be a fan shorting everything else, a nice easy fix, and may my new PC be up and running tomorrow and not after a fortnight of refunds and replacements. xD


Until next time! 😊



All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game: World of Warcraft Classic.

 2 months ago  

How amazing to see that you are already in Northrend, I remember when you uploaded the posts leveling up in TBC just waiting for this day. I saw a friend streaming of one where the Zeppelin almost couldn't hold the amount of people riding hahaha.

 2 months ago  

Haha!! Yep! I bet that Zeppelin was packed!! Sooooooo many people! 😅😁

 2 months ago  

Nice set up! Hope the monitor issue gets solved soon! That's going to be amazing going from laptop to that huge screen! That skeleton horse looks wicked!

 2 months ago  

The monitor feels too big. 😅 I've been looking at 15inch laptop screens for yeeeeears, and now there's a 27inch right there in my face. It's definitely going to be weird for a while once it's all up and running!

 2 months ago  

Haha it's basically like a big screen TV now, which is awesome!

Not sure, but if a cooling fan starts when you switch it on, maybe PSU is okay. I would check if there is any missing power cable connection to CPU or GPU or anything. If assembled correctly with all the components and cables properly in place, it should start. Good luck with your PC!

 2 months ago  

We've since determined that it's most likely the power supply; we don't have a spare to test it though, but it doesn't seem to be drawing enough power to activate the vga and half the time it won't power on with the sata-connected cooling. So I'm arranging for a return and replacement and hopefully that's it. 🙁

I see. In that case, PSU could be the problem. Let's hope it's not the motherboard.

 2 months ago  

And if it is the motherboard, here's hoping it didn't kill everything else during this trial and error. 😅😅😅😅

What you just said reminded me of my PC building history. Faulty motherboard was the worst. Let's hope that's not the case! haha

 2 months ago  

Annnndddddd... it was both the PSU and the motherboard. 😅 Such bad luck!!!! But thankfully the dead motherboard hasn't seemed to have fried anything else. Tested my graphics card and RAM and everything in my partner's computer and it all works. So, now to get a replacement motherboard instead! Ugh! Computers!! Haha.

Actually I think you're lucky. Imagine a faulty motherboard with fully functional PSU. In the worst case, it can be a chancellor Palpatine. Your motherboard had no way to do any harm without power. Anyway, glad to hear everything is on track!

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