Dragon's Blood Fan Art ♥ Selemene and the Dark Moon 🌙

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Hey everyone! I hope you guys have watched Dragon's Blood because it. is. good. I was really interested in the lore of Dota from the get-go but I wasn't really sure where to read them and all that and honestly, I don't like reading very much >u<

When I found out about the series on Netflix, I got gigiddy!!! My friends and I love Dota 2 and when it came out we just had to watch it together. Discord streaming is key ♥


I like trying out new stuff... And the new stuff this time are vertical pieces and backgrounds! I haven't done a lot of pieces that are mainly landscapes so as I was watching Dragon's Blood and had the idea for this painting, I was actually really excited to try. Getting excited about an idea tends to be something that could either make me perform really well or pretty badly x_x Because getting excited over an idea might make me more creative than usual or well, might get me disappointed that I could not execute the idea. For this, I was honestly hoping for more.

I had just made what I consider one of my best works recently and, compared to that one, this one felt lacking. I'm still generally pleased with how this one turned out but I feel like I could've done more >u< I feel like it's the feeling of inadequacies that pushes us to be better but if I let it eat me up I'll be stumped. So, I won't :> Might not be exactly what I had in mind but I worked hard for it and people I care about think it looks nice! I think it looks nice :>

The idea behind this was Mirana's in-game skill called Starfall or Starstorm. Funnily enough, when Mirana used this skill in the film, my friend and I, sharing a single brain cell, both yelled out 'STARFALL!' Yes, my friends are very nerdy and I love them a lot. I really liked it when it happened in the film that I wanted to draw Mirana facing the two moons immediately. Took a paper and a pencil and sketched a very lousy and hardly recognizable sketch just so that image doesn't leave my mind (because we weren't done watching).

Worked on this in one sitting so I don't really have WIPs ;-; Took me all day to finish, worth it.

That's about it!

If you wish to have an amazing companion through your drawing journey, feel free to join our discord! It's full of amazing artists, both new and old, who are willing to share their experiences. I learned a lot from them, I hope you will too n_n


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Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well!
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I think it looks fine composition wise, only thing I could think of here is adding a bit more glow to the falling stars and having them reflected on the grass, and maybe bumping the contrast.

Even if you feel it's a bit lacking compared to your current favourite piece, you should still be proud of it as it's still a good job :)

Thank you! ♥

Oh yeah, I totally forgot to have the stars interact with the rest of the piece x_x Maybe next time, when I get back to it I'll remember ^^