Sage from Valorant! Fan Art ♥

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Hey everyone! As I keep saying, most of my pieces are heavily influenced by games and films... And, well, I've been playing Valorant. A lot of Valorant. Here's my favorite agent, Sage!!! In almost all of the multiplayer games I play, I play support ♥ Some might find it a chore to play support but I actually enjoy it :> However, in a tactical shooter game like Valorant, the roles hardly matter as much as it does in MOBA games. As long as you got aim, you know the general flow of the game, you're good to go :>

Although, in a more competitive scene, team comp actually matters, but roles are more on the gameplay of individual players rather than their agents. I'm in this game for the giggles anyways so I just choose whoever I feel like playing hihi :> Most of the time it's Sage because unlike other roles like duelist, sentinels hardly use any ability during the shootout. They often place their abilities in preparation for the enemies to come. Which is why I love them because I can't think and aim at the same time, it's just too much for my brain >u<

So, anyways, I really love Sage's caring and calm personality so I drew her! Although her voice line 'You will not kill my allies!' when she's resurrecting someone is kinda a meme now because the revived person is usually used as bait or dies instantly, I still find it super badass. It's like a very anime protagonist thing to say. Power of friendship wins every time >u< That is, of course, if the said friends are not used for bait :p

sage 2.png

I'm actually really happy with how it turned out! Like she looks calm and composed, and just a little mad that you dare hurt her allies just like how she is in the game :>

WIP Shot! ♥


Bonus Art! ♥


For our school project, we had to come up with some sort of table top game. It didn't necessarily have to be original since we were focusing on the art side of the game rather than the game play so we were allowed to 'reskin' previously made games. My partner and I decided on something related to Valorant! And this one is actually one of the game assets :> I thought since it's almost similar to the one I previously made before I should post this one along with it!


This one's the 'final' card! It doesn't have the stats still because, as I said, we were only focusing on the art side but here's how it was gonna look like :> The eyes had to be revised because my prof said it didn't match my partner's art style. I love them both so I kept them both! ♥

That's about it!

If you wish to have an amazing companion through your drawing journey, feel free to join our discord! It's full of amazing artists, both new and old, who are willing to share their experiences. I learned a lot from them, I hope you will too n_n

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Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well!
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Duuude insane fan art soooo unique....

Thank you! ♥

It's a big leap of improvement compared to how your outputs were 2 years back.

My life in these past years has been nothing but drawing and playing games ;-;

Are you happy? Blink once if yes, blink twice if no. Do you feel safe? Blink once, stare at the monitor if no.

Are we ever truly happy 🤡

Only if we learn to let go.
Being horny is not the way.

That is a very anime line, so it was fitting that she got a very anime style with the card art at the end to complement your more painterly one at the beginning XD

Ohhh! I never thought of it that way >u< I only made it anime styley because paintings take me hours to make (even days) ;-;

Don't feel bad about taking days. Sometimes things just take days.

or years x_x lol

The only 2d stuff I can get done in hours rather than days are my sketchies (and whether it takes a couple of hours or a "day" depends entirely on whether I colour it and if yes what colouring style I use).

and the only reason it may take an hour to do a simple sketch is because I can't draw and count setting up my base models in the sketch time

Add more characters and suddenly it takes longer again XD

That's true... But sometimes I just want my art to finish itself 😆 Wanna see it done but don't wanna get it done x_x

I feel that way about my project sometimes if it's any consolation XD