Every Second Your Neck Grows - ROBLOX Experience

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Hey me dear bloggers, today I'm sharing this post about Every Second Your Neck Grows. Enjoy.

If you're bored i really recommend this game, is really catchy and weird, wich makes it fun, you can also do races to get wins, with wins you can buy pets and stuff! I reallly like this game but i dont have time to play it that much lol


More info. :

Active: 5,233

Favorites: 35,229

Visits: 17,614,329

Created: 1 month ago

Server Size: 26

Genre: Comedy

Private server costs 11 robux! (cheap)

Hope this helped! Also, sorry for not posting since 30 or 31 dec of last year, i was with 'busy' with holidays, and also, my birthday was 2 jan, so i took a day off heh.



i have seen several game modes in roblox and it seems pretty crazy what can be achieved in this game, this game mode is one of them