Hatching 4 eggs in Adopt Me! (ROBLOX Experience)

in Hive Gaming3 months ago

2023-01-10 (8).png

Hello my dear bloggers, today I'm sharing this post where I hatch 4 cracked eggs! Enjoy :D!

The first egg already had 1 task made, so it just needed like 3 tasks ! This one was one of my faves, because i got a ultra-rare Corgi! The corgis in adopt me are super cuuute and adorable!

2023-01-10 (9).png

The next egg was not that bad! I was happy i got a camel, so i could make neon pets! I have like 5 camels now. yay :D

2023-01-10 (10).png

I didn't get much luck after hatching that corgi haha, I also forgot to screenshot or the photo didn't save for some reason lol but i got a mouse! Its super cute and well i can maybe get a neon mouse, i dont remember how many mouses i have in total but oh well! Theyre still super cute haha

The last egg was the same as the 3rd one, sadly. But well at least the photo of this one did save! hahah

That's it for todays post! Maybe tomorrow or in this week ill do another post about adopt me egg hatching! Have a good day!


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( ALL the photos in this post are taken/made by me. )