New Murder Mistery Update! (Roblox Experience)

in Hive Gaming3 months ago


Hello my dear bloggers! Today I’m sharing this new update in mm2!

This update includes maps, new lobby, new stuff and more! Personally this update is great!😇 I really like one of the new Evo knives! Here’s a photo:


Icecrusher is an Evo knife, wich stands for evolution, this knife as the more do you get it keep upgrading! It costs 1,699 R$!! (Robux) I really liked it but I don’t have robux to buy it :( please help me voting so I can buy it! And I can buy robux!


I also wanted to share the battle pass, boxes and more! The coins are available in robux or getting them from rounds!

I hope this helped! And sorry if it’s a bit rushed! Have a great day!