Arctic PC Transported By Snowmobile!

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I decided to splurge on my birthday a few weeks ago and treat myself to a new gaming rig. For the past two years I've been borrowing my wife's laptop to play games on, but I always felt bad about playing on the laptop for extended periods of time, spiking her CPU to sit at 90°+ for hours on end. I decided to remedy that by purchasing a desktop computer.

Best buy was doing one of their regular PC sales and I decide on a glass/white prebuilt PC. I do not have the patience for building a PC, nor do shipping costs to the north make it economical. Plus, the chip shortage! I know I could have done better, but this is still streets ahead of what I was previously gaming on.

What I settled on was a Ryzen 7 3700 8 core processor, a GTX 1660 Graphics card that is 6 gigabytes and 16 gigs of ram. The memory is a 500 gig SSD for gaming and a 1 terrabyte HDD for slow speed and long term storage.


One thing I did mess up was that I didn't notice that BestBuy didn't ship the monitor I ordered. Until two weeks after ordering it! D'oh! 🤦‍♂️

So in the meantime I'm using a small 12" LED Travel Monitor. I originally purchased this travel monitor for use with our Nintendo Switch while at the cabin. We enjoy multiplayer gaming and the small 7" screen size of the Switch left a lot to be desired. What a handy purchase!

I also thought it was an amusing photo to have the giant refrigerator of a computer tower next to a teeny little monitor. I think the inside of the case is amusing as well. So much room for activities!


Why a gaming monitor with internet so poor? Family! My cousin down south has offered to hop onto my Steam account and download the vast majority of my gaming library onto an external hard drive. He will then mail me the harddrive so that I can add the games to my PC as I choose. I should only need to do minimal patching to get the games to work. (assuming they aren't too out of date when I try to play them) We have tested this between my wife's laptop and my new PC and it works quite well! My cousin is even going to load up a bunch of games that he owns so that I can simply buy them and install them if I want to play! Score!

For reference, this is a 6GB GFX card (iirc)

Capture (2).PNG

Sadly, my cousin won't be able to help me in situations like this. I love Military Simulator games. And ArmA 3 is definitely my #1 Milsim. Usually I play offline as I have a bunch of user made missions downloaded to play any time I want, but upon changing over PC's the missions and some of the dlc didn't make the transfer, meaning I need to redownload around 60% of the game. A sizeable 90 gigabyte game!

At the moment the game my wife and I are playing together is Satisfactory. A factory building game where automation is the main goal. I love it because it lets you unleash your inner OCD demon. Or, if you're like me, you get to torture it with your horribly inefficient base designs! I will be doing a review of the game, but just incase you can't wait, yes it's a 100% buy if you enjoy resource management games.

16 days to download the last 50 gigabytes....

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Congrats on getting new PC! I remember how happy I was when I got mine :)

btw I know the feeling man. When my PC arrived I connected it and my monitor wasn't working with it, it was too old for my graphic card. I ended up getting new cable after like 2-3 days, but that sucked. Those 2-3 days were the longest days in my life.

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Congrats on the new rig! 😃😃😃 It does look pretty amusing next to that teeny monitor, haha!

Nice man! Now install BF2 and BF2142 on it.

I used to know about this stuff, but now all I can say is "Look at all the pretty lights!" 😅

He will then mail me the harddrive so that I can add the games to my PC as I choose.

Yay for a nice cousin!