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First of all, a greeting to all those "Hiveros Gaming"... Welcome once again to another of my gaming content, today I bring you another of my Dota gameplay with its respective analysis.
For this game I have used the hero "Winter Wyvern", which belongs to the intelligence class. Next I will be giving you first a brief analysis of this game and also I will show you the skills of this hero.

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Hero: Winter Wyvern



Arctic Burn: This ability allows "Winter" to cast a solid breath in the form of ice, which causes damage and slows for 8 seconds, it also causes "Winter" to increase her range and attack speed.

Splinter Blast: This ability allows "Winter" to throw a fragment of ice at an enemy unit or hero, in the first instance the initial target is not damaged, since upon impact with the main target, this fragment splits into several which do damage to all enemies within range. Besides the damage, it also has the effect of slowing down.

Cold Embrace: This ability allows "Winter" to create a layer of regenerative ice around him or an ally, it regenerates life points for 4 seconds, during this period of time he can be immune to all types of physical attacks.

Winter's Curse: This ability is the special of "Winter", it tries to cast a freezing curse on an enemy hero, who will be immobilized for several seconds, also all other enemies nearby will be affected in such a way that they will lose control and attack their partner in an uncontrollable frenzy during that period of time.

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To begin this analysis I must first say that it was a random game, that is, all the heroes were chosen at random. In this case for my luck I got "Winter", this hero stands out for being good in the role of support, I can say that it is one of the heroes of Dota that has remained in the meta for a long time, rarely is the time that you do not see this hero in a game of a professional tournament.

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Now then! Getting right into the analysis, I started my game in the bot line, which was quite entertaining, with my second skill I could maintain a constant pressure, at the same time I also received a lot of help from the partner who had in line accompanying me, the enemy players who were in my line also tried to do their best not to fall behind and attacked whenever they could. The 2 vs 2 in our line was quite close, at all times we exchanged skills against the enemy heroes, but our first death would come thanks to a good Gankeo of my partner who was in the middle line, since he left his position I had already visualized him on the map, so I just got ready to face the enemy hero, who died quickly thanks to the combination of all the Skills.

After that first ganking, the line where I was began to intensify, the fights began to last longer in those first minutes of change, in these first battles my team and I took the best part, since we won the TF in all aspects, although I must say that the enemy team players played at a good level, only that my team and I were a little more direct to start the fights.

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Thanks to the good positioning on the map, we were able to give cover to the teammates who had heroes with the role of Carry, these covers were useful for them to have a better control of the forest and so they could farm in a more fluid way... In a way the game was long, for some reason sometimes we made mistakes, which cost us several fights and this allowed the opposing team to get a better margin in the progress of the game, but even so, it was enough to make a good entry with a good positioning to placate the opposing team.

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Once we were able to get a constant pressure during the final stretch of the game, the opposing team could not do anything about it, just try and try to defend the indefensible hehehe xD
In the end it was another great victory that adds to the Spartan's account ;)

Next you will be able to enjoy the gameplay of which I spoke in this brief analysis.

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Some of the images that I showed in my content were taken from the website """", all those images, you can get them there, all the others are of my total authorship.... Thanks for visiting and reading my content, see you soon!

My favourite Champion Jakiro rules!!!! i loved play Dota with mi friends

The quality of the post friend is good, I am quite happy with the way in which you have improved your content, and the change you have been making, surely you see your first posts and compare them with what you are now and you are quite impressed, good to see your evolution little by little, greetings friend❗🐻🎮🚀

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Thank you very much my friend... In great part all this improvement that I have had is thanks to see your content my good friend, I have always taken as a reference and example the great work you do, every day I try to do something better and improve myself... I am very happy to know that the effort I am making with my contents are catching your attention and are to your liking. Thank you for your visit hehehe xD You are always welcome!!!

You are already giving yourself away leonidas hahaha.

But it's true my friend, you've improved a lot, they even put a new label on you hahaha. Well done, I still remember when we both started here.

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Hahaha xD Nothing to see bro!

And well! Thanks for letting me know how much I've improved too.... I remember it too, it's been a while, time goes by so fast. You were kind of lost, you weren't seen around here anymore, but I'm glad you're back. Greetings my friend!