Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds || Hatched a Rare 4S Staghorn, Platinum I at Lava Valley (+Questing in the Burning Desert Part 2)

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Hello everyone, Hope you are all doing good today.

I've hatched several hundreds or familiars and the best thing I got are common 4 stars like Mite, Ouroboros and Suiryu. Actually, there's nothing to be disappointed if you hatched or summoned one of these as 4-stars are still the foundation players in the familiar arena and even in your normal grinding. They have more potential when awakened past level 5 compared to max level 10 awakened 3-star familiars. And although they have low drop rates we can say that acquiring them is still within the realm of possibility for casual and f2p players like most us. This is also the reason why I don't use my summon tickets in rate up summons like the Arachne and Bunnybot event that will end 2 days from now. It takes a lot of time to fill up the guaranteed summon bar. 200 summon tickets are not that easy to accumulate even with the occasional giveaways.

Hatched a Rare 4-star Staghorn

Filling up the codex and completing the records of both soul stones and specialties indeed drop summon tickets but a player usually needs to reach near completion on these, especially in higher level maps. Of course, it's a different story if you're a whale who can casually dump thousands of diamonds on summons. I've been occasionally checking whales in our server and even with their otherworldly expenditure I still couldn't find someone with a max tier rare 4s familiar. With their abysmal drop rates it's understandable. Getting 4-star familiar through summoning has higher chances compared to hatching so I was surprised yesterday to hatch a rare 4-star Staghorn.


What's so special about rare 4-star familiars aside from their innately higher CP's are the skills. From 1 to rare 4-star familiars each have 3 set of skills and these skills grow through awakening. Staghorn is a defense type familiar but there's a huge difference if you compare it's skills say with a 3-star earth type Petromaton.
CrossWorlds   8_22_2022 10_05_34 AM.png

Petromaton's active skill 'Rock Shield' increases defenses of allied familiars by a certain percentage in a given amount of time. My Petromaton is only at it's 7th awakening and it says that there's an increase of 25.5% in defense for 10 secs and the cooldown for this skill is 19.5 secs. That certainly is a great boost if you think about it but when I look at Staghorn's active skill it's kinda OP even for a 1st awakened rare 4s familiar. 'Nature's Revenge' deals 272% AOE damage to enemies and it pulls enemies close to Staghorn. It would be a very annoying skill against enemies that has long range support familiars located at the back of the formation.

Platinum I at Lava Valley

After a long time I managed to join the Lava Valley Event held every Tuesdays and Sundays from 9-11 p.m. every week. My last ranking was Gold I if I remember it correctly and I only got 40,000 gold coins as reward. It's a pity because placing in the top 10% in both Lava Valley and Familiar Arena can give a player some Asterite. It's a valuable resource like terite but it's not something that a player can casually farm. Placing in the upper tiers is a challenge especially for the non-spenders as they have to go against people who literally put a lot of money. I've even seen amounts being spent enough to cars and houses.

CrossWorlds   8_22_2022 12_54_56 PM.png

A whopping 100,000 Asterite is rewarded weekly to the top 1 player in the Lava valley Event (all servers), the seasonal reward is a more generous 160,000 Asterites. I couldn't get through Platinum I so after more than 20 matches yesterday I conceded.

Lava Valley's matchmaking is pretty balance but in a team of three I always had the lowest CP which was more or less a baggage for my teammates. I wanted to push through until I reached Diamond 3 but it was difficult and I was also sleepy. I really wish they could move the Lava Valley event to an earlier schedule. Based on my rankings I'm about to receive 60,000 gold for the weekly rewards, no Asterite for me though. There's also some reward for the Grades and I think Platinum I would receive more than 500 Honor medal, 4-star Gem Selection Chest and a 4-star weapon varnish chest. Hopefully I'll reach at least Diamond I before the year ends.

Questing in the Burning Desert Part 2

Making 100 Million
After dealing with the quest the Familiar Merchant gave us we realized that this is actually the same merchant we helped back in Allegra Plateau. Getting 100 million gold just by running errands seems to be impossible even if we tire ourselves to death. Apparently, the merchant talked about the ruins in the east and the rumored expensive relics it has. The desert is a very tricky so we had to find an explorer and that's where we met the Ruin Explorer Ralph.

He's quite cunning though as he wanted to split the relics by 50:50. We got no choice though as he's the only way we can arrived at the ruins safely. Along the way we were attacked by level 81 Rocktopuses. After defeating 3 waves of these attacking monsters we were rewarded by 326k EXP, 26k gold and 10 earth evolution fruits. The rewards are far from 100 million ( I doubt if there's really a 100M reward) but it's still decent considering that it didn't take much time with all those dialogues and some monster elimination.

And that's all for today.
Hope you have a great day everyone.


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