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You have probably all already heard, but if not Splinterlands has announced that it has made a partnership with Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA). So what does this mean? This was the first question I asked myself and after a quick search I found out that Splinterlands will be making a new game 🤯.
Not a lot has been announced yet, but from bits and pieces I have found we will be getting a Soccer(football) play to earn (P2E) blockchain game. The game will be playable on both PC and Mobile devices and will be called Genesis League Soccer (GLS). Splinterlands have also hinted that there will be more games to come saying

Genesis League Soccer, from the makers of Splinterlands, will be the first and flagship game of the company’s new sports gaming platform

Genesis League Soccer comming soon.jpg

As for when we will have a playable game I am not sure but if you go and check out Genesis League Soccer over on Facebook it tell us that they are looking at October this year to start selling packs.

I am not sure about you, but given the success of Splinterlands I am confident this game will also be a success.


Genesis Website

Genesis Discord

Genesis Facebook

Genesis Twitter


Long time Splinterland grinder is much excite. LFG!

yes i hope for news in October 😁

Same here. I'm sure now they have set up their socials news will start flowing. Watch this space

These are great news for the Hive community! Cheers!

Thanks for the curation. Yes it is great news for the hive community. I can not wait to see how it develops.

This is huge news for Splinterlands and Splinterlands players!

Yes it is. And I believe SPS holders maybe in for a surprise. I have had several people hint toward it but nothing concrete.

I am excited about the news and looking forward to the game, we are going to have our hands full of games on Hive.

Yes I agree this. We already have a few games on hive . And it looks like we may soon have a lot more.

This is great to see.. wow..

The next few years on hive are gonna be awesome

Yes I agree.
Play2Earn is still finding it’s feet. Success stories like Splinterlands will help pave the way for mass adoption.
Build now while it’s still early.