Wizard Miner - A Noita descent

in Hive Gaming9 days ago

Celebrating a power up with this Miner Wizard build, each day I find myself having the best investment in crypto here on Hive. To me is much more meaningful to use it for sharing arts with communities and setting goals for myself then trading. I still got lot to learn on that side and this slowpaced hodl of hive has been so rewarding evenmore so then the economic value of the bull run for me.


The Wizard who do the dirty work, with chainsaw and shotguns in his wands he dig and dig for the shiny golden nuggets. Magic don't come free in the undergrounds.

Mind my long tinkering with wands in beetwen zones because I found some really nice spells and wands to try new combinations. I loved the thunder sniper rifle too bad I got to use it just for some minutes before finding doom in the laboratory :(

Well was a nice and fun run. Have a good start of the week ;)


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