Nick's Adventures in Minecraft - Ep. 1

in Hive Gaminglast year

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I'm starting a game of Minecraft in "Hardcore Mode" which means there is no respawn..
Only one life, or one chance to play this map.
I will be uploading videos as I play to see how long I can survive!

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Cool watching you play the brand new fresh start of a Hardcore game. I kept getting anxious on your behalf in case a Creeper made a silent appearance... but you lucked out this time ;-)

Just out of curiosity (because I'm thinking of doing this myself) what are you recording with?

And I've never (so far) done anything with 3Speak - is that easy enough to start using?

Looking forward to the next episode! :-)

I just record with the xbox game bar thats on my computer, windows key + G
I use a Canon EOS M50 to record myself :)
3speak is really simple! I just switched to using it from Dtube and haven't had any complaints yet lol
Thanks for watching!