What Are Your Top 3 Favourite Video Games?

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Calling All Gamers...

@yourtop3 introduced a brand new topic yesterday to see what the Hive community's favourite Video Games are. So I'm courageously sharing what my picks are with the hardened veteran gaming community of Hive 😜

It was nearly impossible to trim down to 3 and so I have to pick the ones that I've started playing again recently due to nostalgia... now that I'm thinking about it, there's SO many games I loved and iconic ones too... I'm sure we can chat about them below!

We'd all love to find out what your top 3 are too so let us know in the comments or, if you wanted to enter the contest, write a post about it! Full details on how to enter are here!


Crash Bandicoot

Well, this was a childhood blast in the mid to late 90s for me and when I found out a month or two ago that Activision had remastered this trilogy I dribbled A LOT on my desk! So many good memories of that cheeky bandicoot running around, smashing boxes, collecting Wumpa fruit as you make your way through a load of challenging levels to beat the ultimate villain in Neo Cortex, all the while becoming invincible with Aku Aku.

If you played the game, you'd definitely be making the same noises as that mask when you cracked open a box with his masky face on it - "Hullabooga" - or whatever it was and "oop aboo dibeeyop" in a high pitched voice whenever you fluffed up and that mask protected you... just me? Aaaalrighty then!

Playing the remastered version recently reminded me of EVERY frustration of the game as well. Things such as when you KNOW you pressed the jump button but for some reason Crash just runs off the edge like a smiling maniac..."WOAH" - he cries... yeah well, if you had JUMPED when I ASKED you to, this wouldn't have happened!!! Ok... gamer rage...

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Spyro the Dragon

It's no surprise that another free roaming, gem collecting, baddie bashing game makes its way in to my top 3 seeing as Activision remastered this series as well and yes... I also downloaded it and I've nearly finished the trilogy... But DAMN, that purple dragon has got a badass attitude and I have to admit, I do like flaming those evil gits in the game!

Last night though, you could probably here my rage across the other side of the world as I was seriously losing it on one of the levels. You know the ones... you basically lose all your lives that you spent ALL game accumulating and you just can't seem to figure out that if you do the SAME thing over and over again, you WILL lose all of them! Made me as hot as the flames Spyro breathes lol!

But you know you love a game when you make a song based on it - check out this Drum & Bass inspired version of the music from the "Lofty Castle" level I made - remember "Fairies are always on your side, Spyro"...

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Burnout 3: Takedown

I had a tough choice for 3rd spot but I had to go to my road rage routes here with Burnout 3: Takedown, which I first stumbled across in 6th form (17-18 years old at school). The game looked like so much fun, like an arcade racer where you get to take down other racers in a bid to finish first. With other game modes like Road Rage to try and wipe out as many other racing cars as possible and Crash (not the bandicoot 😃).

Definitely was a good game to take away the rage that the other two games gave me haha! The soundtrack was pretty balling on this one too with some great rock tracks and DJ Stryker taking it down on the radio. I definitely downloaded the soundtrack and it was great to run to as well.

I heard that they also remastered this franchise as well so I think I know what I'll be doing once I finish Spyro 😉

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So What Are Your Top 3 Favourite Video Games?

Leave a comment and/or enter the contest (rules to enter are here) 😃

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Ooh, a purple dragon! 🤣 I haven't played any of these, so that's about all I got for commentary, haha. It is kind of fun to see how excited people get over certain games or genres of games. Though I think I'm with Fiona...these days solitaire is more my speed. However even that I originally learned on, ahem, real cards.

LOL, yeah a badass purple dragon no less! I'm going to miss playing it when I've completed the game but I'll move on to Burnout and go for that trilogy... if you need me, you'll know where to find me haha!

Wait, real cards? First you do the top 3 spreadsheets on a notepad and pen and you use real cards to learn solitaire? It's like we're from a different generation 😆

That's why @dksart and I balance each other out...I'm the dinosaur and he's the tech whiz. 🤣 Funny thing is he's actually older than I am (just by a few years...)

Hahaha, how does that work!

GTA San Andres
Star Craft
Civikization 2

Ah San Andreas... the GTA I didn't quite make it to. Got up to Vice City with some pretty great radio stations and music as you cruise down the streets with a Cheetah but I heard San Andreas was a HUGE map - not sure where the franchise is up to now.

Not come across or played the other two though, what are those like?

San Andres was great, I played V which is the newest and liked it too, but not quite as much.

Star Craft is RTS similar to war Craft but sci-fi theme.

Civilization 2 is turn based strategy. I like the franchaise and just have best memories of that one for some reason.

This could be one that I will sit out. The closest I got was a really early version of SimCity. Before GUI....🤭

To be honest, I'm just recollecting some games now that I missed from consoles in the early 90s and there were some gems I forgot after speaking to @misterboom. Too many to mention. Damn you Q!!!

SimCity is a classic too, you just need two more now 😁

I might just stick to one. With the Fiona treatment.... 🤭🤐

Oh boy... the patented "Fiona treatment"... well, you have 6 days to play 2 more games and write about them #justsaying 😇🤐

Does solitaire count?

I'm sure Q will let you know once you write a post... 🤐

Nice job Nicky.

I played Crash bandicoot a bit back in the day but it was never really my thing. Most of my friends used to rave about it and I know that it has a massive fan base.

I've not played the others at all but they sound cool.

I think you either got in to Crash or you didn't! There was no middle ground lol! Spyro kinda comes with Crash so if you hadn't played one then you wouldn't have played the other... again, no middle ground 😃

I'd say if you played any car racing game then you'd have heard of Burnout, pretty good franchise from EA Sports, loved the arcade and fast paced action fueling my addiction nicely haha!

Nice picks, Crash is indeed an awesome game. I don't think I ever played SPYRO before but it looks interesting.

Haha thanks man - couldn't get enough of those two games in the last couple of weeks! Spyro is extremely interesting and rage inducing... like all good platform games should be 😄

Last of us
Fifa 20

Last of us was pretty good. If I were to critic this game, the only thing I would have added to keep that scary factor is having zombie monsters in the water. I kept expecting it yet it never happened.

I've not come across Onimusha before, what's that one about? Fifa is a classic whatever year comes out, great competitive game but the lag spikes during an online game were infuriating haha!

Wing Commander, I had to up my system from a 386 to a 486 to get it to work at a decent speed.

I always liked and still play a lot of Civilization, I started with the first game, and still go back and play some Civ 5 and Civilization Beyond Earth.

I have also enjoyed my time with the Bethesda Morrowind Saga/series. Currently still playing Skyrim a lot.

So many games throughout the decades, it is hard to honestly narrow it down to a top 3. I don't know if it is because of my time, my age or what, but new games today have just not caught my attention.

I haven't actually come across those games myself but when you have to upgrade your gear to play a game, you know that's when it's gripped and consumed you haha!

I do agree with you that the games now haven't quite caught my attention either or made me want to invest in the latest generation of consoles to play on. Can't justify spending £££s just for 1 game when I have all the ones I want to play right in front of me!

Why do you think these new games aren't quite the same?

I think the game industry went through to much consolidation. A lot of the games became cookie cutters of other games. I used to play a ton of Microprose games, then they were bought up by I think EA, not sure. I liked a lot of Origin games also, but they kind of lost their independence, I bought Diable 3 way back when it was first released, at the time I did not understand it was an online only game, and 7 years later I finally got a chance to play it, I ran through the single person with kicked off the server issue over a two week period, I think it took 11 minutes for all the credit crap to run through, and it was only half the fun that Diablo 2 was.

Independent game makers just do not have the reach they once had.

Yeah you're right and I have to say, after watching a documentary about the history of the Crash Bandicoot games, they really couldn't match up to the original 3's concepts of simplicity. Spyro the Dragon managed to keep it's roots from what I can tell but I'm only going off the remastered trilogy I'm playing at the moment.

You're right about these games losing their independence once they get mopped up by the bigger corps. Don't blame the small gaming companies at all actually, it's an opportunity for them but it comes at a cost hey...

OMG... Crash! This game is awesome, haha!

Haha I agree with you 100% there! Couldn't get enough of that as a kid... or as an adult a few weeks ago when I downloaded the remastered trilogy 😃

Great pick little brother! Even though I haven't tried all the games yet. And a really interesting contest this month! :D

Haha, this is what I'm doing most evenings now I kinda went off the sweat fest that is Counter Strike! Now I'm just getting frustrated in other ways with these games lol! I'm sure you've got a few favourites there little sister - you seem to be busy on Steam when I log on 😃

Hahaha. Not really as active as I used to be but we all need some relaxing moments from time to time :D

I think I played Spyro once, but didn't like it. At one point, early 2000's I had a thing with racing games. Fell in love with them after playing Colin McRae Rally, so there's a big chance Burnout 3 was on the list of games I played - even though I don't really remember. I played so many different games those days 😂

Damn, if the purple dragon with a badass attitude doesn't lure you in then you must have a heart of stone 😆

Ooooo Colin McRae Rally was amazing! Me and my brother played that one a LOT, there was another called V Rally which was infuriating though. If you were in to racers, you'd probably have played Need For Speed as well, that was really cool, I souped up a Corsa and it was unstoppable, looked a little like a dragon with the spoilers and upgrades I designed... seems Spyro influenced that as well LOL!

Ok dude. This is not ok. First we talked about Crash and Spyro. Both games that we enjoyed. Then you make an awesome remix and did NOT share it on this post, god knows why. But then... BUT THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are telling me Burnout 3 if your favorite. No. Just no. Why? Because I have spent days and weeks, hours and hours playing this game, downloading the track from this very game, and when playing it, I have the music full blast and just enjoy the destruction! It can't possibly be your favorite if it's my fav as well. 3/3 ... Can you feel me glaring at you? 😜

Then you make an awesome remix and did NOT share it on this post, god knows why.

I did share it on this post 😃


It's just a secret soundcloud link and embed players don't work for secret soundcloud links on PeakD or Hive for some reason 😔

HAHAHA! That's hilarious you love Burnout 3 as well! Maybe this will will jog your memory too:
"Hello, hello... I'm just an Animal",
"You gotta rise up... you gotta rise up",
"Time and time again we fall in to the depths of who we are..."
"As the taaaables turrrrrn"
"Forgive, forget, all of our, broken promises"

I'm Stryker and you're listening to CRASH FM!

Just tell me to have another coffee and read the post again. Apparently paragraphs disappear at this time of the day.

Well I know what I am listening to tonight!

Hey did you play burnout revenge? A few people that I knew that played burnout wasn't a fan of it so much but I thought it was alright. A few tracks on that one too were pretty good. Especially Hand Of Blood-Bullet For My Valentine.

Gotta love Crash FM :D

I feel like this gave us such an awesome gaming-hood (like childhood but I never stopped playing games)

Just tell me to have another coffee and read the post again.

Have another coffee and read the post again 😜

Yeah I did play Burnout Revenge, it's looking at me right now in it's little Xbox gaming case. I need to conquer Burnout 3 first, can't move on until I have gold on EVERYTHING and unlocked the F1 racing car 😄 I think it was a bit different, gameplay seemed a little clunkier I think but the graphics were better, maybe less fast paced but I can't remember too much - it's been a few years. Also have Burnout Paradise ready and waiting, only played that for 5 minutes though.

Gaminghood sounds awesome, I'm still very much in it and I don't think you ever grow out of it haha

😢😢😢 I don't have my burnout games anymore WAAAAAH! I would love to play right now.

Ok before I try to write more, I am going to have coffee. I'm starting to learn my friend!

I may have to whip out those games again once I'm done destroying baddies on Spyro mwhahahaa!!

What? You mean you haven't beat the game yet? What's taking you so long? :P

I only started playing the remastered trilogy 2 weeks ago! Completed the first 120% and the 2nd 100%, 3rd game (Year of the Dragon) is HUGE!!! Never ending bunch of baddies to flame the shit out of haha

Ooo, I do like the games! I've always been a first person shooter kind of guy. Mine are

Timesplitters 3
Fallout 3

Damn, if only I had another '3' to put in, lol!

I recently got Fallout 3, about to try it some day soon. I really enjoyed the 2nd one with Psycho pack. Made the game that much more fun with Psycho. So sad it can't be played with Psycho in the 3rd as well.

You should put in an entry for the contest. It is a pretty good one that keeps going every month :)

I might do. I have a fondness for games. I have loved all of the fallout series apart from the new one!

I just realized I mixed up Fallout with Borderlands. I do that a lot and I don't know why. Now to talk about Fallout, the Vegas one is the one I think that sucks... I think. Fallout 3 was my favorite out them as well. This was the one I got to play before the other ones, and I found it was easy to get lost in when just learning how to play it, but that's what made it good. We can see how big the game is and how detailed it is.

Ha! I thought because of the drug psycho in it you were referring to that. Yeah fallout 3 was the biz new Vegas was kinda shit but I still liked it. My next favourite one was fallout 4. The hours I've lost to these games are ridiculous!!

Ya that would make sense that way too lol. Easy to mix up, probably because they are both post apocalyptic maybe.

I didn't play the 4th one I don't think as I don't recall it. I'd have to check since I am already mixing up the games that I play LOL.

Oh yes, so many hours have been lost to games for myself as well and I don't regret it. I love games. The only thing I may possibly regret is the time of day that I played, well I should say time of night. Too many nights staying up to play, either waiting for the next checkpoint to save the game or because the game is too good to put down. That happened lots and recently with the game The Last Of Us. Good times, good times :p

It's the nights that are the killer. I used to be insane for living at nights gaming and still having to cope with real life during the day. I am not quite so bag now but still have my moments. :0)

Last night I stayed up till 2:30 am playing borderlands. There is never enough time in a day to play games, especially when the game is so good and you get right into it. Not too tired today so once in a while is good.

Aye, I like a latey on a weekend especially! I intend to be up late tonight playing Outer Worlds, I have already completed it but going back to search out every last nook and cranny and kill everything that can be killed!

Oh I never heard of this one. Something about nook and cranny and killing makes it sound like an interesting game.

Damn, yeah I did get in to FPS too, particularly Medal of Honor, Timesplitters 2 (couldn't get enough of that on the PS2 slim) and then Call of Duty from Black Ops onwards. The zombie mode did it for me.

Solid choices there, didn't know there was a TimeSplitters 3! I remember causing chaos as the Gingerbread Man in TS2 haha! I could have easily made another top 3 too, but then it would be a top 6...d'oh!

Feel free to write a post about those in your unique hilarious style if you wanted to enter the contest if you wish (min 250 words with #yourtop3 as one of the first 5 tags). Just a bit of fun for Hive, nae prabs if not 😃

Oh man!! It was timesplitters 2!!! It's been so long and all the talk of 3's just made me plop down 3!!! It was a total fun game and the shooty run about daft mechanics were awesome. Around that time I did like golden eye and perfect dark but it was the crazy multi player mayhem that tipped it for me to put timesplitters in there!

Oh shit Goldeneye!! Great call! Those mechanics were ridiculous on TS2 weren't they haha!

Crap! Now I'm thinking of Nintendo Games - Mario Kart, then going back even further on the SNES with Super Mario, and Street Fighter on the Mega Drive, Donkey Kong... Oh my days... what about the Atari! Centipede, even Zelda had a 2 bit variant back in the day...

I need more Playdoh! 😂

I loved Street fighter on the mega drive. Damn, I had forgotten about some of them. Great games, right back to the Atari, I remember I used to love a game called moon patrol, I think I still hum the bloody tune!

Yeah Street Fighter was a beast of a game! I don't recall Moon Patrol - if you can find the theme tune, let me know, would be interested to hear it - damn these catchy melodies! That's how they get you 😃

It haunts me...

Damn, so simple but so effective! A bit like a 2-bit version of the classic rock and roll or blues chords!

I'm going to try to get in on this one, but my genre is FPS and MMORPGs.

Good man! No problem on those genres, I did get into FPS for a long time with Medal of Honour, TimeSplitters and then Call of Duty big time.

I can't wait to see what your picks would be! Think there will be a wide spectrum of games for the dpoll later in the month!