Raccoon Mario playing the memory game with TOAD || Super Mario Bros 3 for Nintendo(NES)|| Retro-videogame.

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-| First of all, blessings for y'all.

Hello Ladies & Gentleman, welcome again to one of my posts about Super Mario Bros 3. I continue on my way to the final castle of world 2, and this time I have encountered new enemies and of course, the always dangerous boomerang brothers. By the way, Toad continues to help me...

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Continuing our adventure in Super Mario Bros 3, let's start today's gameplay from stage 4 of Mario World 2. Before starting this stage, I used Mario's inventory, so I could consume one of the Super Mushroooms to become Super Mario (Big Mario), and get a good head start.

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Finally we come across a stage in this world 2, which is not only deserts, but on the contrary we can appreciate a more varied landscape in this stage, having some palm trees as part of the environment, which makes this stage 4 much more pleasing to the eye, in my humble opinion. And what do you think?

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The first tip I'm going to give you is the following: in the image above you can see a block that when activated will give you either a Super Mushroom to become Super Mario, or a Super Leaf to become Raccoon Mario. As you can see it is very difficult to capture the mushroom or the leaf, due to the location of the magic block, but what you have to do to activate the magic block is to activate it with the Koopa's shell on the other side. Kick it using the button you have set to B, to kick the shell and activate the block. As you can see in my gameplay, I couldn't do it in time, but I'm sure you will be able to.

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Moving forward we come across the boomerang brothers, which are relatively easy to eliminate, but you should always be careful with the boomerangs they throw, as even after the boomerang brothers are downed, the boomerangs continue their trajectory back to the launcher.

Desktop 04-05-2021 04-38-54 a.m.-856.jpg

Reaching the final part of stage 4 of world 2, we encounter another Boomerang Brother, which appears by surprise, and it is very likely that if we enter this final area with a lot of speed we will bump into him and lose a life. Because of the above I recommend entering this area calmly and take the final square to finish stage 4 and also eliminate the boomerang brother.

Desktop 04-05-2021 04-39-37 a.m.-511.jpg

After completing stage 4, we move on to stage 5 of World 2.

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A new enemy! Yes, we found a new type of enemy in this stage 5 of world 2, and this enemy is the Chain Chomp, which is attached to a block that does not prevent it from being a very lethal enemy, as it tends to make deceptive and erratic movements, but what makes the Chain Chomp more lethal is its long reach when it stretches its chain. Don't be overconfident, the Chain Chomp has a long reach despite being attached to the block, so try to get as far away from its location as possible, as only the invincible Mario can take it down.

Desktop 04-05-2021 04-41-25 a.m.-197.jpg

Look out for the magic block I've pointed out in the image above, because this block looks like any other block, but it turns out that if you touch it, it can give you a Super Mushroom or a Super Leaf which can be very helpful. In my case I took the Super Leaf to transform into Raccoon Mario.

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The hardest part of this stage 5 is avoiding the Chain Chomps, because after we get past the Chain Chomps, we will only encounter regular koopas. At the end of this stage I got an extra life as a result of the cards I had already accumulated.

Desktop 04-05-2021 04-42-58 a.m.-224.jpg

Leaving stage 5 I headed straight for Toad's hut, to take part in his well-known memory game. This time luck was not on my side, unfortunately :(

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As we continue on our way, we come across a boomerang brother who acts as a sort of boss, which we have to take down. After killing him, he will give us a chest containing a music box that can be used to make the Hammer brothers and other creatures on the map fall asleep.

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Well as you can see the things are going good :)

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-This Game it's been emulated on "Jnes" v1.1 emulator.

Hope you a very nice day, fellows.

See u soon :)

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All the screeshots were taken from my Pc-Screen.

You can follow me at: @paultactico2

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Great to see you enjoying they classic. I think Super Mario Bros 3 was the first game to introduce the super leaf? Such a cool power up.

First of all, thanks for your support, mate pusen. Oh and you think well,the Super Leaf, or Tanooki leaf was introduced for first time on Super Mario Bros 3. I'll keep reporting about my progress on this classic gem.

mario has marked our time in every way, I think it is one of the most played and sold video games of absolutely all the planet earth, and its retro versions for me are pure gold!

Of course my friend. Mario allways bring back good vibes every time you play it. The retro versions of Mario and all Nintendo games are very rich on style and originality \o/

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