BattleVerse airdrop 325K QZQ for the community!

in Hive Gaminglast year


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  • Top 10 Referrers will receive 5000 QZQ Tokens
  • Top 100 Referrers will receive 2500 QZQ Tokens
  • Random 25 winners will receive 1000 QZQ Tokens
  • Random 250 winners will receive 100 QZQ Tokens

This form will close on October 23th.

About BattleVerse:

BattleVerse is a free P2E online game powered by DeFi x NFT and blockchain technology.
A unique feature of BattleVerse is Multichain technology - the ability to manage your gaming assets by interacting with different blockchains.

Overall seems it will be a good looking p2e project

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