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RE: Sage from Valorant! Fan Art ♥

in Hive Gaming2 months ago

That is a very anime line, so it was fitting that she got a very anime style with the card art at the end to complement your more painterly one at the beginning XD


Ohhh! I never thought of it that way >u< I only made it anime styley because paintings take me hours to make (even days) ;-;

Don't feel bad about taking days. Sometimes things just take days.

or years x_x lol

The only 2d stuff I can get done in hours rather than days are my sketchies (and whether it takes a couple of hours or a "day" depends entirely on whether I colour it and if yes what colouring style I use).

and the only reason it may take an hour to do a simple sketch is because I can't draw and count setting up my base models in the sketch time

Add more characters and suddenly it takes longer again XD

That's true... But sometimes I just want my art to finish itself 😆 Wanna see it done but don't wanna get it done x_x

I feel that way about my project sometimes if it's any consolation XD