Please Don't Touch Anything: A puzzle game that is both spooky and fun

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The name of the game is Please, Don't Touch Anything but I touched everything. :) So did you play too? If you played, did you touch everything like me? :)



When I first saw this game, I was really intrigued. Actually, there is a 2D version of the game, but I didn't like it much, I think the 3D version is more fun.



You start the game in a room and then a man is talking to you. The man says he will be back soon and you just have to wait and not touch anything in the room.



The game basically starts like this, you have a panel in front of you with a big red button and a monitor connected to this panel. The monitor shows you the status of the city.



In fact, it looks like a very simple and normal panel, by the way, the numbers "666" are written at the bottom of the panel, this is actually one of the passwords we need to reach one of the endings.





When you press the red button, a red switch appear. When you turn the red switch to the right, sirens start to sound, if you turn the switch to the left, a nuclear bomb will be dropped on the city after a few seconds and you will reach the first ending. Each time you reach a new ending, you will receive a poster for the ending of the chapter. In order to get the poster that you have reached the end, you need to pull the reset lever under the panel.

Another feature of the reset lever is that if you start a puzzle and can't solve it, you can pull the reset lever and start the game again.



The poster given after you drop a nuclear bomb on the city is "I ♥ Mushrooms", because the smoke that comes out when the nuclear bomb explodes in the city looks like mushrooms, I laughed a lot at this. By the way, each time you reach a new ending, you have to stick the posters you won on the blank papers on the right and left of the wall.



There are 25 different endings in the game. It was really hard for me to reach these endings, actually I couldn't reach all of them even though I tried hard because it's a really mind-blowing game. If you have played "Don't Touch Everything" and reached all the endings, please comment and teach me how you did it! :))



Please Don't Touch Anything is a classic puzzle game, but unlike other puzzle games, too many things happen that you can't predict and suddenly you find yourself in a big mess. This game is a concentration game that requires a lot of attention, so you have to carefully analyze the objects around. Most objects in the game are clickable so don't be afraid to touch everything! (:



When you look around you will see the INSTRUCTIONS poster on the wall. These instructions are very important to progress in the game. The game guides you to a certain point with instructions, then you have to solve the resulting puzzle and reach a new ending.





In order to reach new endings in the game, you first have to press the red button in the middle of the panel for 20 times.After pressing the button, the buttons with the words "I II III" above the red button, and two drawers come out from the right and left of the panel.
There is a screwdriver in the right drawer and a hammer in the left drawer. You can use them by picking them up.



Of course I didn't know what to do with them at first, so ignoring the instructions on the wall, I hit the red button with the hammer and the red lights started flashing.



A bloody baby fetus appeared above the button, looking quite creepy.



I hit it with a hammer and leeches started spawning all over the panel, what does that mean?! I quickly hit the leeches with a hammer. This is actually a timed mini-game but it's quite annoying.



After hitting all the leeches, I hit the bloody baby fetus and it died, sorry little baby. A stick, a dinosaur head and a sword appeared on the monitor. I don't know what these symbols mean, it must be some kind of message. I pulled the reset lever and reached the second end.



There are 23 more endings like this one. One of my favorite endings was the happy cube (demon) ending.



To reach this end, you first have to press the red button on the panel 15-20 times. We need to enter the "3-1-2-2-1-3" password written on the INSTRUCTIONS poster by clicking on the "I,II,III" buttons above the red button. After typing the password, a mousetrap and a mini-panel with 4 green buttons appear and the message "DON'T DO IT" is written on it.



When we tilt the mousetrap to the right, a "0 - 1" button appears on the panel and a purple stick appears in the drawer that comes out of the lower left part of the panel.


The purple stick is actually a stict that emits UV light. When we look around with this stick, we can see hidden symbols and subliminal messages that we normally can't see.





After looking around a bit, I saw a password on the instruction board on the left wall, actually the password indicated directions, so I tried it on the "DON'T DO IT" mini panel.

I need to make combinations of "upper right, bottom right, bottom right, upper right" according to the password written on the wall.



I entered the password and something similar to a suitcase lock appeared at the bottom right. There were two red and gray buttons, when I pressed the gray button, the numbers were going up and when I pressed the red button, all the numbers were reset.
This thing was asking me for a three-digit number. While scrolling the numbers, I noticed that the number 6 was in red, and I realized that this number should definitely be 666 on the top of the panel!



I lined up the 6-6-6 numbers side by side and confirmed by pressing the red button. A panel appeared in the upper right, with 25 different symbols on it. It's actually a very simple puzzle, but it takes a long time. The main quest of this ending is to mark the symbols in the room with the symbols on the mini panel.





When we point the purple stick that emits UV light into the room, we can see the symbols on the mini panel all over the room.



I correctly matched all the symbols in the room with the symbols on the mini panel.



Cubes were laughing and jumping all over the room. I took my end of chapter poster and stuck it on the wall. I didn't play the game again after seeing this ending because I was really spending too much time on this game and could never progress.

Everything on the monitor had turned into cubes. The cubes were laughing and bouncing, they looked so happy!

After seeing this, I never played the game again because I was really spending too much time on this game and could never progress. :(

Last Words

Thank you very much for reading my game review. If you have played this game before, feel free to comment! :)



lol this game sounds totally crazy. I've seen it several times when browsing VR games but always skipped it. Gonna have to add it to my wishlist after reading this.

Hi, thank you for your comment! You should definitely add it to your wishlist! I've never played the VR version, but from what I've seen from the gameplay videos on YouTube, it's much more exciting than the PC version.

This is a very cool concept for a game. It's like an escape room on steroids lol. You have more patience than me, I don't think I would have made it all the way to the end of that third ending.

Hi! Thank you for your comment! Yes, some puzzles are quite difficult and it takes really long time, but completing the puzzles is a lot of fun, I recommend you to play!

It really is a game that you have to pay a lot of attention to and you really were very restless to touch everything you saw, I think it is something that already comes in one when you are born to disobey haha. The game "Please don't touch anything" and we touched everything hahahaha.

It was a pleasure to read your post my friend and greetings.

Hi! Thank you for your comment. Hahaha I totally agree with what you said, disobedience is good in some games. I'm so glad you liked my review, thank you!

You disobeyed everything in this game my friend, I really liked this game, what do you need for it?
I want to play it!

Hey yeah it's creepy, it causes a lot of intrigue.

Hi! Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right!

Thank you for your comment!