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Quick game update: Coders are still at it and it is slowly reaching our test phase, fingers crossed within the next 2 weeks we can start testing!

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Another competition done and even though entries were a little slow we want to keep collecting the community's art and include them in the game. So far we have 2 Areas and 1 Monster that we received and included in the final game.

The previous competition was only for game Areas and our trusty artist @yunayuna has finished turning your ideas into in-game art!

Congratulations to @henryclarke and @casilokodesing! Your designs won and you both won a starter pack for when the game launches. (@casilokodesing already paid for his starter pack when we had the sale, so we can refund the HIVE or you can keep the starter pack for another account. DM me and we can talk about it.)

As a thank you, you will be receiving a free starter pack to Unsung Hero when we launch! Thanks again!

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Initial design from @henryclarke:


The final design that will be featured in Unsung Hero:


Initial design from @casilokodesing:


The final design that will be featured in Unsung Hero:


@henryclarke and @casilokodesing if you would like to give your Area a specific name please comment below, if now then we will choose a name for it later down the road. =)

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This will be our 3rd competition, we will pick one Monster design and one Area design winner.


This week we will be accepting AREA and MONSTER designs.

Some Basic Rules!

  • Designs must be your own.
  • Deadline when this post reaches payout.
  • Keep it clean and family-friendly
  • Areas are simple/basic designs
  • Monsters can have a bit more detail
  • Give your area/monster a name
  • OPTIONAL: Use the #unsunghero tag

We will select TWO winners this week (1 Monster / 1 Area) and they will both receive 1 Unsung Hero Starter Pack that will contain:

  • 1 Hero
  • 1 Weapon
  • 15 Random items

After this post reaches payout we will review the designs and get @yunayuna to create your design for Unsung Hero. Then when we announce the next competition we will announce the winners and show you what your idea will look like in the game!

Best of luck to everyone!

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For more info about Unsung Hero please click HERE

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Quick game update: Coders are still working on it and we are slowly reaching our test phase, fingers crossed within the next 2 weeks we can start testing!

They both came out great. Henry's stoked to win, but he's stuck on a name.
I like - Rum barrel mutiny - but he's not sold.

So happy the that he is happy with it! =)

We really like it and also thing it came out pretty cool!

No rush for the name, we have time, Rum Barrel Mutiny has a nice ring to it. Let him listen to some pirate tunes for inspiration =P

Hmmm... now we just have to have some kind of pirate monster, think Henry is up for another design? =)

So we're thinking whatever befell the ship also ended the crew, except the Captain's parrot, which has turned nasty and grown huge.

here is my proposal for a monster



Here are some other monsters that I drew for the game, if you want to use them I give you my consent to do them @yunayuna






Hey thanks a lot I really liked the final result thanks to the artist @yunayuna because it was really excellent, I want to show more areas that I have and good design more monstros, I would like to call it in honor of an island in my beautiful country Venezuela "Punta Arenas" its name would be "sands tip".

Sands Tip it is then! Thanks again for the cool design!

Looking forward to your other designs. =)

I present the proposed scenario, the name I give it is "Valley of the Dead" there is the pencil drawing and a bit of color that I gave them.



awaking volcano


A combination of chicken head, spider body, some black fur and elephant legs



this is my drawing of my stage, its name is: Big cave.


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