[Straw Plays] Devil May Cry 5 - Ep. 5

in Hive Gaming4 days ago


Finally some more V action! I upgraded our boy Nightmare a bit and he is finally becoming useful in combat. Actually not just useful but pretty overpowered with that one move where he shoots a beam that blows everything up. We got to see some more Death Scissors and they are still my favorite enemies lol just cause they look pretty cool.

There's so many cool things about this game and then there are the more funny things like how Nico pulls up with her van no matter where you are lol. I wouldn't be surprised if she's gonna pull up in Urizens lair next time to be honest. This episode was mostly about finding the devil sword Sparda and we managed to get it by the end. Eventually finding Dante sleeping and giving it to him. Hopefully we get to use it soon cause that blade looks very badass. Either way we got to play with Dante and I'm happy cause he is so much fun to play. Both Rebellion and Balrog are awesome weapons and so much fun to use. I still have to get used to his controls and moves but I think we'll have a lot of fun playing with him and will have no trouble killing Urizen with our new gear! Til the next one where we will probably get to see the result.

I hope you like the video and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!