[Straw Plays] God of War - Part One (Release Day)

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So today the wait is finally over. Ever since I first heard that God of War was coming to PC I have been really excited about it. I never really played any GoW games in the past but I had seen some gameplay of this one and thought it looked really awesome. Now I finally get to play it myself and so far the game is great. I really like the story so far and it seems like it will be a really interesting one. The combat is so much fun and it feels really satisfying to throw around your axe and beat down the Draugr's so far. We also get to fight another character today that was kind of a surprise. The dude was really strong lol. We will continue next time with the beginning of a journey with Kratos and Atreus. See ya then!

I hope you like the video and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Game looks amazing! That fight after 31mins was pretty intense :D I love how reactive everything is with collateral damage on the environment, pretty well made.

Yeah haha damn that fight got out of hand. It's really cool like that and it does feel well made. It's gonna be a fun series for sure.

YOOOOOOO, GoW is one of the best games I have ever seen in my life.

It brings me a lot of nostalgia to see how you play it, when it came out years ago I didn't hesitate for a second to see a whole walkthrough about this game and let me tell you: It's absolutely crazy. As you can see, there is a lot of action right from the start and this is just a small sample of what awaits you the rest of the way. In this game there are so many things that will leave you thinking "am I really going to fight that?" XDDDD

I don't know if I misunderstood, but have you seriously not played the previous God of War? Or do you just don't remember? I'll explain briefly: Kratos comes from Greek mythology (where the gods ruled by Zeus are). In the events of GoW 3 he wiped out all the gods, basically ending Greek mythology. If I remember correctly, Kratos dies (I think he commits suicide) and we have a scene where a valkyrie picks him up (valkyries are from Norse mythology). So here Kratos is in a completely different place and already Norse mythology is established. That stranger made mention of Odin who is the father of everything and he was the one who sent the stranger to locate you.

So that's why the stranger says "You're a long way from home" since Kratos doesn't belong to that mythology. I don't want to explain much more because I might unintentionally drop a spoiler, but that's why Kratos is being sought after, he's a threat to all the gods of the Norse age.

You will enjoy all the battles in this game and also all the cinematics. It is a visual spectacle for every person, on PC it looks simply fantastic. Have fun playing this game and I will definitely follow this one

At the end of the episode you finished super fast, you didn't even finish saying "take care" XDDDD.

Nicee dude I was gonna look all this information up but I guess this explains most of it. I was kinda confused at first because I don't know the story of the previous games but I do know a bit about Greek and Norse mythology so hearing that the Stranger was sent by Odin I was like "what? why is Kratos in Midgard lol". I didn't know that he wiped the other gods or any of that though so that's good to know.

Also yeah I already felt like damn am I really fighting this thing with the first "boss" monster.

The game is really beautiful so far and I can already tell I am going to love the story.

Hahah dude what happened there. "take"

Kratos was bloodthirsty in every sense of the word and wiped out basically everything in his previous games. Here he's a bit older, but that doesn't mean he's not still a really strong character. (In Norse mythology, the oldest gods are the strongest, so...)

I look forward to the next chapters dude, I know you will love the whole game :P

Hahah dude what happened there. "take"

XDDDD nice edit skills

Haha yeah lol

Have fun man. This was one of my favorite games.

Thanks man I am sure I will have fun with this one.

This game is sick. The details, environment, combat, it's all top of the shelf. Great port as well. You can notice it's a console game but it plays great for the PC still. We're about the same length into it. I'm gonna be streaming some of this later.

Yeah man the game really looks great and I like how well made it feels. It was kinda funny cause in the beginning it said something like "do you wanna help make this a better Playstation experience" lol.

God of war is great. I enjoyed every piece of it. I think Ragnarok gonna be massive too. but I sold my PS4 for A XBOX series X and I cannot play it :((