[Straw Plays] Lost Judgment - Part Five (The Gangs of Yokohama)

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ALAN WAKE II (6).png

It's time for some Lost Judgment again. We are on the way to meet up with Sawa-sensei at the Plage where we could hopefully get some answers regarding the case. However, on the way there we run into some trouble which eventually leads to her not wanting anything to do with us anymore. So much for getting her on our side I guess.

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We are introduced to one of the gangs of this city and of course, we get to fight with them a little bit. I am loving the boxing fighting style in this game since the quick step feels really OP and makes it easy to dodge any attacks. We also met with someone called the Handyman today. This guy seems like he might be a good friend but at the same time we had to fight him so let's see where this leads.

ALAN WAKE II (4).png

Another old friend turned up here as well. Of course, it's the extract guy. Remember that old hobo from the first game that taught us how to make the extracts? That's him. It seems like we will be running into a lot of characters from the first game in this city too. We end the episode by going to look over the crime scene where the guy from the start of the game was murdered.

Tomorrow we will continue trying to solve this case but it does feel like this game is moving along faster than the first game did. Chapters are going by a lot quicker. See you guys tomorrow!



Hi @strawhat . I am happy to be a part of this community and hope to make many friends here. Now I start my new life after prison. I will be grateful for your support.

Happy to have you here man. Hope everything goes well with your new life! Good luck.

Thank you man

Seems like I was way too busy lately to keep up with games. In fact, it's been a long while since I bought or played a new game because of my old GTX 970 buddy, haha, but love the game already! Seems like something that my boyfriend would enjoy playing too :)

Yea life can get in the way like that haha. I had to take a break for a while too and only just got back to it. The game is cool and the story is amazing if you like the mystery/crime genre. I highly recommend it!

I do! I am a big fan of this kind of games and books too. Did you play Sherlock Holmes series? It's one of my favorites!

Yes I played The Devil's Daughter. I enjoyed it a lot.

Greetings friend, great that this adventure continues and in each episode something new comes out and in that way we can advance, I have also seen several of the chapters and I liked how you play, where the fight and the combination of blows you use to defend yourself are Incredible, without a doubt a master. Furthermore, the reunion with that old friend was of great importance, in order to be able to move forward and be a little calm, enjoying a good talk. When it was your turn to grab something on a balcony, you were trying to jump and I liked all that, since it gives a great touch to it. Excellent game, this new one.

Haha well I wouldn't say I'm a master but the boxing fighting style definitely makes it easier to look like one. I like the game too so far.

I have noticed something about you. I think you love to play more of detective games
It is cool though and I hope you succeed in the case

I definitely like detective games.

These kind of games are very interesting as we see that we have to play very carefully when we have to do the missions.