[Straw Plays] Tropico 6 - Ep. 1

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Back to Hiveico we go! This time we start out in the world wars era and that means we have a bunch of new buildings that we can build and add to our wonderful island. From oil to gold, Hiveico has it all. We also managed to finally finish our first heist from the pirate cove which only had us waiting for a thousand days to arrive. It's the Registan of Samarkand and if you didn't know it exists in Uzbekistan and is actually a really beautiful place that I'd love to visit sometime.

Anyways we will be picking it up from here in the next episode and hopefully by then we will be able to reach an alliance with the Allies and move into the next era "Cold War". From there on it will get more and more crazy and difficult. I hope this let's play won't have to come to and early end just because I fail as president. We'll see that soon enough.

I hope you like the video and please let me know your thoughts in the comments!



Tropico is a great city building game. A game with a lot of strategy and economic simulation.

I don't have that version it looks with improved graphics, the farms look quite different in this version which gives a better look to the island.

Watching the video makes me want to play it.

I love this kind of games

Yeah it's weird because normally I get tired of city building games after a while having seen all the different buildings and so on but I'm having a really hard time getting bored of Tropico. Thanks for stopping by! :)