TST Partner Post: Black Gaston - Gods Unchained Champion's League #2: Full Coverage and Live Commentary!

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This past weekend marked the second edition of the Gods Unchained Champion's League community tournament, hosted on communitygaming.io. It was a thrilling event with back-and-forth battles throughout, and the Gods Unchained community was lucky enough to catch the action live, accompanied by some excellent commentary courtesy of community legend @black-gaston! Not only did @black-gaston absolutely crush it on the live broadcast, but he was nice enough to chop up the stream and post the videos on his YouTube page and curate a playlist of every featured match, which you can find here!

Check out some of the matches featuring @teamstreamteam TSTeammates @themudman, Mirage88, and the eventual tournament champion @cautionfun, along with some brief match descriptions provided by @black-gaston himself below! And don't forget to check out his Twitch channel and drop a Follow so you don't miss out on anything!

[tst]themudman vs. Dylteaz

@themudman put his foot on the gas right out of the gate and didn't let up until the end-game screen flashed "Victory". In a down to the wire match-up with @themudman playing his newly created Guild deception deck, as shown on his streams in the dates up coming to the event, his opponent Dylteaz tried their best to thwart @themudman by playing control Nature. He tried to do just like the text on Canopy Barrage and throw everything he had at him, but in the end it wasn't quite enough.

[tst]themudman vs. inflamedmidget

In his second match-up @themudman decided to shake things up and switch to his Zoo Acolyte Light deck, but there wasn't much he could do in a tempo match up against Inflamedmidget's Zoo Animal Bond Nature Deck, especially having to go 2nd. Even though the board state was dire right out the gate, @themudman put in a valiant effort and fought all the way through until the bell rang. Even though he didn't come out victorious by the end of the match, I'd say being the owner of that sweet 'stache is a dub in my book.

TST Dual Cast: [tst]cautionfun vs. GisaNSD AND [tst]Mirage88 vs. Vlozkill

As a Niners fan and a Sunday NFL couch potato, having two must-see games going on at the same time is a dilemna I'm familiar with. With that being said, we adapt and overcome and bring you the first ever dual-casted Gods Unchained double match-up! We start our coverage with @cautionfun playing Big Beast Nature against his opponent GisaNSD playing the soon to be nerfed Soul Burn Death while it's still around. Caution made sure to show he meant business early by coming out of the gate with a Skeleton Heavy + Chiron buff combo, bringing the usual 2 mana 2/4 to a 3/5.

While @cautionfun was doing his best to redeem the honor of his fallen comrade @themudman, another fellow TSTeammate Mirage88 went into his rematch with Vlozkill, who knocked Mirage out of the Semifinals in the first edition of the Gods Unchained Champion's League tournament, before going on to win the whole thing. It looks like a rivalry has started because once again Vlozkill was able to knock the usually ever-so dominant Mirage88 out of the bracket once again. Like the rule of the Sith, it seems there can only be one, and @cautionfun continued on to win his match and go onto the semis.

Semifinals - [tst]cautionfun vs Vlozkill

The TST crew seemed to pulled out all the stops in preparation for the tournament by loading up with multiple different archetypes of decks for each domain of Gods. @cautionfun showcased his third deck of the event by switching to Zoo Soul Burn Death, truly highlighting the strength of the card Skull Scepter through a dominating display of prowess by smashing his opponent Vlozkill, who was rolling through the bracket with his Ramp Magic deck. If the victory alone didn't show he deserved a spot in the grand finals, the timely deck switch showed he put in the time and the work to be able to win this tournament.

Finals - [tst]cautionfun vs LCHammer

In poker, when your opponent draws a great hand it's called drawing "the nuts", and @cautionfun was definitely strapped with a pair this game! Opening with a Marsh Walker into Shieldbearer combo on turn one, his opponent literally had no answers forcing him to pass in response, which led to a Miley Cyrus-esque wrecking ball exhibition of @cautionfun obliterating his opposition, and taking 1st Place in the Champion's League tournament. Truly a showcase of what makes TST such a strong organization, because just like the head of the hydra, when one falls you better check over your shoulder cause its not quite over yet.

Closing Notes

I can't express how thankful I was and still am to be given the opportunity to host the second edition of the Gods Unchained Champion's League community tournament. With that being said there the sun hasn't set and I will definitely be around in the near future so keep your eyes open! Make sure you don't miss any of the action by subscribing to my YouTube page, following me on Twitter, and make sure you tune into my livestreams on Twitch!

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Awesome content guys! If I was even 1/10th as skilled I'd be enjoying GU a lot more. XD

it's a matter of time my dude 😁

you know what they say.. practice makes better eventually!

In poker, when your opponent draws a great hand it's called drawing "the nuts", and @cautionfun was definitely strapped with a pair this game!

One pair or two pair? :D

two, at least last time i checked 😂