TST Partner Post: TheProfesserf - Play to Earn News, Game Updates, & $GODS Token!

Get your notebooks out! @TheProfesserf is back with another helpful video in which he breaks down the recent Gods Unchained news that has impacted all aspects of gameplay, for players both new and old, Pay-to-Win and Free-to-Play. Genesis cards are now on IMX, matchmaking is now fairer and more competitive, and play to earn faces new challenges with new opportunities!

Catch up and develop a deeper understanding of your earning opportunities, how to navigate the competitive landscape, and align yourself with the long-term success of Gods Unchained and all the players in the community!

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Sadly/Unfortunately Gods Unchained is currently Windows and MacOS only. There is no Linux or mobile version yet (they are already working on it), so I cannot play it yet.

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