Great Things Will Come For Being Patient + Season Rewards

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Hi Everyone,

Wow what a season! I was able to get into Champion 1 this season with some time to spare so that was a pretty nice feeling. With the new potion changes in place immediately in the game, we were able to use them for this reward opening so I wasn’t expecting much. But first things first, before I continue on how I finished my season, i want to share with you my second legendary gold card - Zalran Efreet!!! Patience is the key to this game. I got it after the announcement was made that we cannot use potions on rewards so getting this card without any potions is a miracle!

Screen Shot 20200729 at 4.45.52 pm.png

Now to the season rewards. Nothing spectacular but I did get a legendary and an untamed pack. With a total of 24 Alchemy potion and 37 Legendary Potion accumulated, I think I am ready for some untamed packs or the new ones replace ORBs. Still undecided what to do but these can wait, the key is I have them available if it is needed.

Screen Shot 20200801 at 12.11.58 am.png

Screen Shot 20200801 at 12.13.10 am.png

Screen Shot 20200801 at 12.13.33 am.png

Again not sure if it is luck or something else, but the DEC rewards from the season opening is the highest I’ve ever had. At nearly 10k of DEC, that is pretty impressive. I am honestly shocked when I saw that figure thinking I missed a decimal point somewhere. I am currently hoarding DEC ready for the next update so I won’t be selling these any time soon. Lots of changes and great news coming out on Splinterlands, I am sure people are a bit sadden by the fact we cannot use potions on reward cards but at the same token, we want to make this a better experience for all players so hopefully these player understand why it needs to be done.

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Geez u had a way better outing in rewards then I did haha

honestly its been sooooo long I got something good. I don't expect to get anything close in the next upcoming rewards for at least for a few months .....

i wish i have luck like you, congrats

Honestly its been sooooo longgggg, thanks and hopefully you get something cool next season :)

i hope so, i'll keep enjoy playing and don't think of it for a while

Wow that's nice. Congratulations. Sometimes I feel that the portions we get from the loot chests is just a nice way to say that the loot chest you opened was empty otherwise I don't see a big use for all these portions. 😀

in a way it can be seen that way BUT i think it does work! I think I wrote a post about it ages ago so every time I open a pack of some kind, I will always have potions activated or available to increase my chances.

Yes, I'm sure it does work. I have no doubt about that but it is something like we get too much of portions than what we need sometimes. Especially for someone like me who doesn't purchase packs at all. 😀

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Whoaaa, how lucky you are!
A GFL and around 10k DEC... that's fantastic.
I was looking for something good too but I am not that lucky actually... @ashikstd

yah can't complain at all @ashikstd. maybe next season for you :)

WOw a legendary gold, that is one hell of a drop, ah I'm jelly I just got a bunch of rubbish on the latest drop lol

honestly I have been waiting for soooo long for it .... fingers crossed you get it next season :)

I can imagine, and now that potions don't work on rewards lol we're going to be shit out of luck even longer. I do hope to secure some goldies in my future