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RE: My Biggest Gaming Wish for Christmas 🎄

in Hive Gaming • 10 months ago

Lol, I went to defqon 1 once!!

oh shit I'm actually jelaous its one of my dreams to visit defqon and then Japan

All I really remember was someone overdosing from something and an ambulance was called

oh shit :/ so sad that it needed to happen when you were there, for sure its not the best memory, a lot of people are probably on drugs there so it might happen, if I took something I bet it would be me, thats why I rather stay away from drugs

The Dragonborn Comes sung by Malukah

I just played it and its such a beatiful song, especially to say good bye

and then I had to try and sleep in an over-priced tent with a sleeping bag that did nothing to keep me warm

Idk if I would even fall a sleep in such a tent, that must be hard, especially when its cold, I feel ya

And I was amazed that Anders was a real name because I had only ever heard it in Dragon Age. 😆

Well Anders sounds like a guy from some movie or game tbh XD I haven't seen anyone with name like that lol

If you ever go, bring lots of money. It's expensive!!!

RIP money :(